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A move to the country is a dream come true for most people that are looking to leave behind the stress and continuous rat race of city life. Not only are there immense health benefits from a less stressful environment with cleaner, less polluted air, but it also allows you to live an eternal vacation life that will leave others green with envy.

The never ending renovation story

Giving up the hustle and bustle of city life for a more relaxed country lifestyle is an exciting and monumental change. But this vision can go downhill fast when that dream house you moved into turns out to be less liveable than expected.

Fixer Upper, DIY edition

If all goes well, you might discover some great furniture and styling finds transform your country retreat and you might not need to proceed with substantial renovations. Transforming a lifeless house into your dream country home will all depend on your budget and timeline.

The simplest transforms can be seen with a bit of paint for both interiors and exteriors, and using warmer tones can make it feel a little less dreary. Updating the flooring to floating timber floors is another ‘easy’ change to breathe some new life into an old home, provided you’ve got a good base for them. For an open-plan feel, you could take out a non-load bearing wall to open up your main living areas. For outdoor living, look at building a verandah or a deck depending on your budget and home’s layout.

If you’re looking to increase the number of rooms; building modular is a great option. Better value than onsite builds, with less surprises and in a fraction of the time, it could give you that extra space you need – whether it be a granny flat or studio out the back for your aging parents or growing teens.

Modular building could also give you the option to design a brand new home that covers all your needs, and could end up being a similar price to a large scale renovation, without all of the hassle!

From an independent living solutions right through to homes for your acreage, contact us to bring to life your dream home today.