Does a modular home need a crane?

Does a modular home need a crane? We find that a crane is only needed in certain situations, but is often the safest way to position a modular home on a difficult site.

There seems to be a little uncertainty within the general community as to whether a modular home has to be positioned onto your block using a crane. Some people believe this is necessary while others don’t.

As you may already know, a modular home is built in a factory as a complete unit and then split into two or three modules for easy transportation. Each module has its own chassis to which temporary wheels are added. This allows the modules to be maneuvered into place.

So if your block of land is fairly level and there’s easy access, then a crane shouldn’t be necessary. In fact, we find that a crane is only needed in around 10% of cases.

Where and when might a crane be needed?

If you have a fairly steep block where road access can be difficult, then we can utilise a crane to lift the modules into place. Additionally, if your home is designed to be elevated with parking or storage underneath, a crane will be necessary to position the modules securely.

We also find that a crane can be useful if there are lots of obstacles on your block of land or even adjacent buildings that may limit the maneuverability of the modules to get them into place. We might also consider using a crane if the home has to be situated close to a boundary that has fencing on it.

But you can rest assured that we’ll take care of all of this for you so that you don’t have to concern yourself with the crane hire or any of the aspects of positioning your mobile home on-site.

Using a crane is easy and effortless

There are plenty of different types of cranes available to suit each and every scenario. These cranes are hired out and operated by professionals who will come and evaluate your site to determine what’s needed in each situation. We work in with them very closely.

If a crane is needed to position your modular home, then each module has bars put under the chassis for the crane operator to use to lift the module into place.

It’s important to understand that using a crane is perfectly safe and doesn’t harm or damage the structural integrity of the modules in any way. After all, these modular homes are built strong enough to handle the rigours of transport as well as any crane lifting.

A crane is often the safest way to position the modules

While using a crane to lift your mobile home into place may incur a small additional cost, it’s usually the best and most cost-effective way to get a home onto a difficult site that doesn’t have easy road access.

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