Four important things to consider when designing your home exterior

Take a look at four critical things on what should you consider first for its exterior and how you should construct them.
things to consider when designing your home exterior

Whether you’re embarking on a tree-change or building a home in your life long community, an exciting journey awaits you. With so many great neighbourhoods available to raise a family, designing your home just adds greater opportunities in enjoying a house for life. While you might want to consider modular building as a more economical way to live, how you design your home’s exterior can become overwhelming. If you’re planning to build a house here this summer, what should you consider first for its exterior? Take a look at four critical things and how you should construct them.

1. Roofing

You may not usually think much about your roof and what it does to improve your home’s exterior. It matters more than you think, though you may think the roof you’ve had for years provides enough protection. Recently, Australia started experiencing more intense weather, mainly floods and unprecedented brush fires. Because of heavier storms and heat, it could wreak havoc on your existing roof. It’s time to look at something more durable to keep up with weather extremes. Modular construction offers recyclable and durable materials that hold up for years, including being reusable. Also consider your roof’s appearance, especially how it affects your interior. A high-pitch roof never fails to brings more spaciousness to the inside of your home. These allow you to experiment with siding, trim, and eave styles. Overall, these roofs have the potential to add to the value of your property.

2. Verandahs

If you’re trying to create a country living atmosphere in your home, a verandah is going to easily capture this essence. For outdoor living, it’s essential and brings more style than a regular awning or even a pergola. Many verandahs offer a wide-sweeping deck to allow you to bring the outdoors in. Those of you who live in wide-open areas can enjoy picturesque views from these while providing shelter from outdoor elements. Most verandahs are capable of letting natural light in, and you’ll find many wraparound versions to help you experience the outdoors in the round. Sustainability is an equally important feature to block the summer sun. You’ll notice immediately how much you’re saving on your cooling bills.

3. Finding the Right Type of Windows

Don’t overlook the types of windows you’ll choose since they work in more ways than one. On an aesthetic level, these can enhance your home’s appearance whether on the beach, or with a country theme. On beach homes, Hi-Lite windows are a good choice, especially when enlarged in each room. For country homes, large feature windows are another good option so you can enjoy magnificent views while bringing excellent energy efficiency. It’s time to take your windows seriously and find ways to bring in more natural light and make your rooms look more spacious. With the right choices, your windows look stylish on the outside while keeping you warm inside.

4. Cladding as a More Durable and Protective Building Material

After making smart decisions on your roof, verandah, and windows, what about the exterior material used on your home? Using old traditional materials may lead to energy efficiency challenges, not including dealing with cracks and extensive maintenance. Cladding has become a popular building material because it looks appealing and helps protect against the elements. It’s extremely durable, protective, and offers low maintenance to save you time year-round. A major feature is it protects from cracks that happen due to extreme temperature changes. This material also has major resistance to water, sunlight, pollution, humidity, mould, and strong winds. Styles like granite cladding, brick cladding, and stone cladding give you different custom options, including numerous colours.

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