How to make your country dream your new reality

Here is a guide to making your country dream your new reality and consider these things when building your home.
How to make your country dream your new reality

Whether you are moving to the country or splitting your time between there and the city, consider these things when building your home: the right location; the type of property; the design; the possibility of bushfires and floods; the build process; and why you should choose modular. Here is a guide to making your country dream your new reality.

The right location

Undoubtedly, the first and most important decision is choosing a location for your country home. There are many beautiful places to choose from in New South Wales, including: inland hotspots like, Mudgee, Barrington Tops and Laguna; the Blue Mountains; coastal hotspots like, Taree, Old Bar and Ulladulla South; and the Snowy Mountains. For a rundown on these particular towns and their features, head to our blog article on the topic.

The type of property

The next consideration is the type of property. Are you looking for a block in town, a lifestyle property or acreage? Weigh up the pros and cons of being close to town or in a more isolated area and decide what is the best fit for your lifestyle. Do you want the extra maintenance of acreage or responsibility of livestock on a larger property? Or, do you want a smaller property that is easier to maintain and more of a holiday home, where you can relax?

Other elements to consider when buying a property, include: the availability of services, such as water, gas, internet, electricity; building zones and restrictions; easements; bushfire and flooding risk levels; the orientation, shape and slope of the block; and accessibility, in terms of building. Refer to our article on what to look for when buying land for more details on these points.

Home design

The location of your home will no doubt influence the design you choose. Manor Homes’ designs come under four signature styles, which can translate to either a country or coastal home. The Classic Country style exudes the simple elegance of modern country lifestyle with features such as: verandahs, raked ceilings, natural materials, an open plan, and neutral tones. The Hamptons style has a coastal vibe with grey and white tones, and design elements like a steep pitched roof, horizontal panelling and the esteemed white picket fence. The Coastal style embraces natural elements, airy spaces, neutral and blue tones, weathered wood and indoor/outdoor living. Lastly, the Contempo Style, while not openly country or coastal, might be the compact, clean look you are searching for in a holiday home. Contempo is on trend and modern with features such as: high ceilings, sheer draped high windows and an earthy palette. To view these styles in images, visit our website,

For a more authentic country home, you may like to consider adding elements that will truly accommodate a rural lifestyle. Add a mudroom so people can shed dirty clothes after tending to animals or the garden. Incorporate a larger kitchen or pantry for all the produce you grow, as well as storage space for pickling, jams and cured meats. Put in extra guest rooms for when the family comes to stay, and a wrap around verandah so you can enjoy the view of your property from every angle. For further details on these and more, check out our article Make Yours a Home for a Rural Lifestyle.

In light of the year we have had, consider incorporating a layout that will be flexible should you need to work or study from home.

Bushfires and flooding

Another important consideration is the design needs, should you be building in a bushfire or flood prone area. Manor Homes have had over 30 years experience in building and will be able to assist you in meeting the requirements for both of these circumstances.

Why the modular build process?

A modular build is the perfect solution for a home away from home for many reasons. Often there is a shortage of local builders and tradespeople where you are building. If you build with Manor Homes, we already have a team of builders at our disposal; there is no time wasted waiting or searching for workers. You can keep tabs on your build in the Manor factory, either in person or via regular email and photo updates. This saves time spent driving to a faraway site each weekend. Manor Homes is an expert in regional and rural living and are well versed with the intricacies they bring. We know how to make the most of your site orientation and aspects. We also have a finely tuned and clear building process and a fixed cost build. We explain the process to you and keep you updated every step of the way. The best aspect of a modular build is that we can build your home more quickly and efficiently than a traditional builder, in as little as 12 weeks!

Manor Homes makes the building process easy. Decide on a location and contact us to get started. You can be in your country or coastal home sooner with Manor Homes.

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