Why build a modular home?

The term, ‘factory built home’ initially may not inspire feelings of confidence, but we promise that the more you understand the process.
How your home is transported and installed

The term, ‘factory built home’ initially may not inspire feelings of confidence, when you are shopping for builders, but we promise that the more you understand the process, the more you will appreciate how excellent a choice it actually is. There are a variety of benefits to this building method, which we will outline. These, and the Manor Homes’ seven step process makes the road to your dream home, simple, swift and clear.

What is modular construction?

A modular construction is made in separate modules that are then put together to create a complete house. The modules are constructed in a factory setting and then assembled on a prepared site.

Modular homes are not to be confused with kit homes. Kit homes do come in parts but that is where the similarities end. They do not always come complete and are built entirely on the site. Another downside to kit homes is that some banks will not approve a loan for this type of house.

The main comparison to a traditional build is that a factory built home can be built at the same time as the site is prepared. This obviously saves plenty of time and assists people in getting into their homes more quickly.


Our prefabricated homes are constructed in a factory setting for the majority of the build. Therefore, the build is not delayed by weather, or other external factors. This means that we guarantee that your home will be made in as short a time frame as 12 weeks. This is a mere fraction of the time in comparison to traditional builds, which can take up to 12 months.

Fixed cost, no surprises

Similarly, because the build time is set, it is much easier to give a set price. Consequently, there are no surprises for you, the customer. For anyone who has built a home before, they will know that new costs seem to come up as the build continues. This is not the case with a modular build, which offers peace of mind, especially for those on a limited budget.

High quality

Due to the homes being built in a factory, the materials used for construction are shielded from the outdoor elements. We already choose high quality materials and the greater quality control of the setting ensures the standard is retained right up until assembly. We are also an Australian owned and operated company.

Why build a modular home

Our process

Our easy seven step process means building your own home is clear and simple.

  1. A quick chat: Get a feel for our process and check that it fits with your lifestyle and vision from the outset.
  2. Personalised Discovery Meeting: A signature experience to those choosing to partner with us, during this meeting our Design Specialist ensures they: have a comprehensive understanding of your dream home; can take into account your lifestyle; and assess your land to optimise the aspect, views and minimise any risks.
  3. Design solution – floor plans and styling: We go through our facade, floor plan and design options to find which suits your home best. An initial investment payment is given here to get the project started.
  4. PASS pack – planning and selections: We undertake site inspections and authority approvals to take the hard work out for you. We pair you with our Selections Consultant to go through and choose from our premium finishes, colour schemes, fixtures and fittings.
    Building contract: With your finance in place and council approval organised, we finalise your contract, fixed price and the timing of your project so you have a move in date.
  5. Construction, handover & move in: From this point it is usually only 12 weeks until you move into your home! Your home is constructed in the factory setting and then moved for assembly on site, where the finishing touches are undertaken, and you can move in.
  6. Customer care: We keep in contact with you after the build is completed for your feedback, periodic check ins and for maintenance.

We hope we have answered your questions about factory built homes and enlightened you on just how easy it is to build your dream home quickly and easily! If you would like to get started on your journey, contact us to make an appointment.

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