Steel Base Frame & Footings

On solid ground

High-quality materials allow us to make sure that every house we build is secure and durable – giving you a home that that will be standing long into the future. Our standard frames and footings are ideal for most sites; however, we can also make sure your home is secure and safe even on restricted sites.

Our standard footings use a combination of Engineer designed concrete footings, into which galvanised steel piers are interested into to create an extremely durable and solid base. The galvanised piers affix to the heavy-duty underfloor chassis, specified in excess of N3 wind rating, so you know what you home is safe in even the most extreme conditions. RHS Durugal steel floor joists are added onto the chassis so that you know your new home has the most solid base possible.

There are also some great practical advantages of a pier system including making access to pipes under your home much easier. Download our Inclusions & Options Brochure for the technical information.