3 Things To Consider When Building Your New Life In A Coastal Position

Read what you need to consider when building a new home near the coast

We’ve all had that sea change dream of packing up where we currently live and going to make a new start of it in a stunning seaside location. More time in the outdoors, walks along the beach, fresh sea air and a place for summers to come alive are just some of the most popular reasons we find for our clients want to build a life by the beach.

At Manor, we have many house designs that are perfect for beachside living, and with our Hamptons style or Coastal style facade and interior design schemes, you can turn any design into a perfect coastal home. However, there are a few essential considerations when building a new home in a coastal location.

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Coastal Treatments To Avoid Erosion

When building near the coast, your home will be exposed to a much harsher environment than the regular Australian block of land. Saltwater in the air and strong winds will put your home exterior to the test. All Manor homes include your choice of Weathertex cladding. Weathertex selflok cladding is made from natural Australian wood and is one of the most durable claddings on the market; it comes with a 10-year warranty and is guaranteed not to degrade by rotting, splitting or cracking. Quality building materials are just some of the many ways we make your home ready for the seaside.

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Orientation & Wind loading

Where you place your new home on your land will severely affect the wind you receive and the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. All homes in Australia need to meet specific wind loading standards, meaning they need to endure strong winds, and coastal areas have some of the most robust wind patterns in the country. Manor will work with you to ensure your home meets the task by ensuring your outdoor spaces have maximum protection from the wind while still taking in the views.

Extra Storage & Outdoor Showers.

One of the best benefits of a coastal lifestyle is the time you spend outdoors in leisure activities. Make sure you choose a home design with enough storage for sporting equipment like surfboards, beach cabanas, etc. Remember that all our Manor home designs are able to be tailored for you, so if you find a design you love, you can talk to the team about adding extra storage or even features like outdoor showers and mudrooms to keep the sand out of your new home.

Take a look at our home design collection to find the right layout for your sea change and talk to the team today about what it will take to make your new lifestyle a reality.

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