Building With Steel

Introducing Our In-House Manufactured Steel Frames

We are always striving to improve our processes and find new and innovative ways to deliver the best quality homes for you. As producers of modular homes, we want to stay at the front of the pack when it comes to materials and technology. That is why we are introducing steel frames to our home designs.

Steel has become the go to material when it comes to building homes, due to its capability in almost all situations and conditions – being able to handle the varied and diverse climate in Australia, while allowing for more complex designs. That’s why we have invested in state-of-the-art machinery that allows us to build our steel frames right here in our factory. All frames and trusses are designed on computer CAD drawings to your specific design and manufactured by Manor’s very own steel frame production line, to fast pace the build times of our homes. This is just another way we are freeing up production space to cater for the current building boom.

At Manor, we have the technology, the know-how and are ready to start delivering steel framed homes that will last you a lifetime.

Steel Framed Homes NSW

Benefits of building with Steel frames:


interlocked system for high strength


built to conquer the Australian environment

Cost Effective

built in house, streamlined and large supply availability


roll-formed to 0.1mm tolerance for superior accuracy


provides longevity, no waste, no downgrading


ability to withstand decay, pests and natural disasters

While Timber is still an excellent choice for your home – steel offers a longer lasting, lower maintenance solution, and helps us to deliver home designs more efficiently as steel frames have the strength and longevity to allow for improved building processes that simply wouldn’t be possible with timber.

We are confident that by introducing steel frames to our build process, we will be offering more innovative, more versatile and more durable homes that will stand the test of conditions, climate and time.

If you’d like more detail on the benefits of steel frames and why we are making the change, take a look at our blog:

Benefits of Steel