The Benefits of Steel Frames

We take a look at some of the other benefits that Steel frames offer, and why we will start to introduce it into our homes…

Here at Manor, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to build homes for our clients, in order to make sure we are using the best materials and technology currently available to us. In recent years, Steel frames have increased in popularity, and are rapidly taking over as the material of choice when building homes.

Steel frames are very capable in almost all conditions, making them perfect for Australia, where weather and soil conditions can vary wildly – sometimes even in the same state! We take a look at some of the other benefits that Steel frames offer, and why we will start to introduce it into our homes…

Benefits of Steel Frames


Steel is one of the strongest building materials, which makes it very durable and able to cope with extreme conditions; from heavy rain falls, to hot sun and can stand up to very high winds much better than a timber frame can. In addition to withstanding weather conditions, Steel is also 100% termite proof. While we always do everything we can to protect a timber frame from termites, the use of steel frames eliminates the issue. They are also pretty much rot proof, so there is no worry of water damage to your beams even after many years.


Steel can be made into different shapes and still maintain its strength, which makes customisation and design easier. It also means we can be even more innovative with future designs, as working with steel will allow us to do things that aren’t currently possible with timber frames. Using steel means that we can create shapes that have the required strength to make new and innovative designs. Its high strength to weight ratio also allows us to design and build frames that timber would be too heavy or cumbersome for.


Over time, timber frames can possibly twist, swell or shrink which may cause some issues after many years. However steel doesn’t suffer from this problem, no matter what the conditions, so we know there will never be any issues with the frame of your home over its lifetime. The strength of steel also makes your home stronger, safer and better at protecting you.

Cost Effective

While steel as a material can be more expensive than timber at the start – it can cost less overall and save you money in the long run. Steel allows us to be extremely precise when designing homes, meaning there is minimal wastage as we know exactly how much material is needed. Our machinery also allows us to create frames quickly and efficiently, saving on time and engineering costs.


Depending on the size of the home, an estimated 25 pine trees are cut down to create a timber frame. Steel however requires no felling of trees, and is 100% recyclable – it can be melted down and reformed time and time again, so it never has to go to landfill. There is also less wastage when using steel, as there is minimal material waste that can’t be used in a build.

While timber frames are still an excellent choice, and have been for many years, there are certainly many benefits that steel offers.

We want to offer our clients the best materials available when it comes to building your dream home, and by making the move to steel frames, we are confident that we are doing just that – allowing us to bring you even more homes that suit your lifestyle vision, and will stand the test of time. If you’d like to find out how you can start your build journey with Manor, let us know!

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