Experience The Manor Difference

Why Manor

Here at Manor Homes, we work every day to improve our service to you, in any which way we can. Many of our clients have experienced the Manor difference – we’re the builder that will go further, try harder and always ensure the happiness and peace-of-mind of our clients.

We offer a full turn-key service including; design, colour selection, planning, construction, installation, onsite finishes; with a promise to keep you informed throughout every step of the process. When building a home, there are risks and delays that you simply cannot plan for. When building with Manor Homes, you are making the decision to control as many of these risks as possible. You are securing a guarantee on costs, timings, materials and service. You’ll have the luxury of tailoring your home to suit your country lifestyle needs, combined with the security of system-built construction to ensure a safe and timely delivery.

That’s the Manor difference!

Modular Home Buyers Information NSW

As a modular builder, Manor Homes will provide you with these advantages and more:

  • Large ranges of designs & floor plans, that can be tailored to a fixed price
  • Full turn-key packages from design and production to onsite finishes.
  • Speed and efficiency, with tightly controlled timelines and a guaranteed move-in date.
  • Higher construction accuracy and precision compared to traditional construction
  • Professional and skilled workmanship with quality control and benchmark factory standards
  • Reduced wastage, with offcuts reused on the production line Minimal exposure to weather and disruption to your land.

Why Build Modular?

Modular building can benefit you as it allows for a system-built construction process that is precise, efficient and cost-effective. We can streamline the process to ensure your new home is built in a controlled environment and delivered in a timely manner – not to mention the high-quality standard in production.

What you may not know about modular building is its environmentally-friendly techniques and practices. If you’re building your new home in the country or on the coastline, then chances are protecting the environment is as important to you, as it is to us. Here are some greener benefits of building a Manor Modular Home:

Display & Selection Studio

Experience Manor’s high-quality system-built homes for yourself. Visit our display centre to experience the Manor difference. We offer a comprehensive consultation, along with a detailed viewing of our display home and factory to equip you with all the information you need to appoint Manor as your builder of choice.

It’s our philosophy to craft a home that is Built for Living. A home that brings your practical needs and lifestyle vision to life. We partner with our clients to build homes that embrace a country-style and healthy, outdoor living. This is complemented by our system-built construction process that delivers superior quality and efficiency. So why not book a consultation and tour with our friendly team and start your journey to a Manor Home today!

Modular Homes Built For Living - 7 Steps from Start to Finish

Discover all there is to know about the Manor difference through our system-built, 7 step design and construct
process promised to deliver improved time, budget and production efficiencies.


A quick chat


Get a feel for what we can offer and make sure it suits your lifestyle vision. All good? Let’s book in for Step 2, the Discovery Meeting.


Discovery Meeting


Our Design Consultant will take you through a framework of questions to provide a clear and concise view on how to continue your build journey with clarity and confidence. Then it’s on to Step 3 – the Design Solution.


Design Solution


Starting with a Design meeting, we will present a clear and concise Early Stage Proposal (ESP) to meet your specific needs. As this is ‘early-stage’ we focus on large items (small details are added later). Once confirmed this is right for you, we progress to Step 4, the PASS Pack.


PASSPack - Streamline Start


The Planning Approvals Streamline Start (PASS) Pack keeps your project progressing. Included is a site meeting, drawings, and several reports. We’ll manage the Council application, so it’s easy for you.


Building Contract


You will meet with our Selections Consultant for some exciting choices! Once your finance is in place and council approval obtained, we finalise the contract and build time, so you can plan your move with certainty and confidence. Note: your PASS pack investment is deducted from the cost of your home.


Construction, Handover & Move-In


Now it happens quickly, usually only 12* weeks before you move in after build commencement. From here, it is a smooth continual process, where your home is built in our secure premises. Your home will be transported to your land and any finishing touches will be made on-site before the final inspections. Move in – two little words, but so much more!

* This is a pre-covid construction time, however during the pandemic this temporarily extended to 20 weeks. This build time will reduce as materials and labour shortages ease.


Customer Care


Our care about you and your home doesn’t end when you move in. We will seek your feedback, undertake periodic check-ups and carry out any maintenance required to ensure we have delivered on your lifestyle vision.