“A home with a country heart…” what does this mean?

At Manor, country living is more than just a location but is all about creating a home with a country-heart, where ever this may be.

Have you ever heard the old saying “to feel love in the walls”? Or perhaps you’ve been inside a home that had an unspoken warmth; It welcomed you with a sense of cheer and joy; A sense of homeliness. At Manor we believe country living is more than just a location. Country-living is all about creating a home with a country-heart, where ever this may be. Defining a space that celebrates memories, moments, laughter and growth. After all, this is what makes it feel like home!

A home with a country-heart should be designed to capture the beauty of nature, embracing the natural landscape, the breeze and the birds. We encourage large sun-filled windows that brighten open-plan living areas and spacious verandahs that seamlessly welcome the outdoors in. We believe the kitchen is the heart of a home, a place for family and friends to come together to share stories and a hardy meal. A thoughtful home is designed to hero this communal space.

Here at Manor, we value traditional traits like community, family, love, loyalty, integrity and honesty. Our homes are designed to sit in harmony with the land, providing a rich environment for kids to run, explore and grow. We believe the very heart of the home, a country homes, beats through the memories that it creates. That way at Manor Homes, we craft homes with a country-heart, so they’re built for living.

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