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While the standard inclusions for conventional builds are basic at best, Manor’s modular home packages give you everything you need

Whilst the standard inclusions for conventional builds are basic at best, Manor’s modular home packages give you everything you need to move in as soon as you’ve got the keys.

Conventional volume builders are well known for their standard packages which barely live up to the name. Things as simple as flooring and blinds are often not included and choices for everything from fittings to finishes are often limited and there is not much leeway in terms of the design. In contrast, Manor’s modular home inclusions exceed expectations. The quality and quantity of the inclusions in our standard packages are miles ahead of those of traditional builds.

Manor’s standard inclusions include options that allow you to add personal style to your home. You can choose from our range of plans, make customisations to our floor plans or even create your own. You also have a wide range of choice for the colour palette of your home. Manor’s package includes Colorbond sheeting for your roof, gutters and eaves at no extra cost, as well as quality paint finishes to all internal and external walls. You also have the option to include features to highlight your style of home such as: decorative light fittings, a huge variety of front entry doors, high, raked ceilings and large mirrors in the bathroom and ensuite.

Whilst the majority of your build requirements can be found within the standard inclusions, you may wish to add additional features on top of the base price. Some customers may have additional Bushfire Attack Level obligations or may like to include a verandah or deck on their home. Moving costs, a driveway, sheds and landscaping may also be on your list of extras depending on whether you are replacing a dwelling or building on an empty property.

Manor’s available upgrades also focus on style. If you’re looking to make a statement or looking for something a little different to our standard country style home, we offer a Coastal, Hamptons and Contempo package. These not only include façade upgrades but offer luxuries and finishes throughout the home to really bring the design to life.

Manor can assist you with working out what will fit to your budget. We are sure, with our excellent standard package as a base, you will be able to make your dream home a reality.

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