Acreage living; our top designs and considerations when building

While lots of acreage and rural living has plenty to offer, there are some key things to think about when considering making the move…

Many Australians have been looking to make a lifestyle change over the past few years, with rural living being more and more popular – in part due to people priorities shifting thanks to remote working becoming more accessible and accepted, and a desire to live the country lifestyle with plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors and nature, or for young families to grow.

Moving into a rural area with a larger home can have many benefits; you and your home often have beautiful scenery and great views right on your doorstep, as well as the peace, quiet and privacy that is afforded by rural living. Many believe it is a safer place for kids to grow up, as they will have the space to go out exploring without having to deal with traffic or other hazards that might be found in a city. Rural communities also tend to be tight knit, and can mean making plenty of new friends and be active within the community of your local area, bringing you closer to it.

While lots of acreage and rural living has plenty to offer, there are some key things to think about when considering making the move…

Maximising your surroundings

When you’re building a home on a site with lots of acreage, it’s important to really consider how your home will sit in its surroundings. Whereas town homes or small semi-rural blocks will dictate how your home is placed, having lots of space means you can really make the most of what’s around you. At Manor, we’ll work with you to help you achieve this, right from the start! Getting the right orientation for your home is a key factor – where the best views are, where the sun will be at different times of day and access to the home are all things to consider when planning the way your home will be positioned.

The internal layout is just as important, so you can have a home that suits your lifestyle. Larger homes allow for many different internal designs which makes it important to think about how you will be using your home. Would you like the bedrooms at one end of the home and the living areas at the other? Open plan areas are great for family time, or if you often have guests coming to visit. You may want to have the best views from your lounge, or the bedroom! Perhaps you prefer cosy separate rooms to give you different areas throughout the home. The great thing about building a modular home with Manor is it’s up to you!


It’s also important to consider access when building on large acreage sites – not just so you can get to your home easily, but access to services such as power and water supplies. Rural living can bring challenges in making sure you can get your home connected up – but we’ll be here to help! It may also mean that when building your home, you want to include solar panels and water tanks to allow you to generate your own electricity and water so that you are putting less demand on these services. Having lots of space is great, but you have to make sure you can easily get to and from your home – so make sure to take a look at available roads and tracks near you that will make this easier.

Area Requirements

Due to their rural nature, many large acreage sites are within Bushfire or flood areas – meaning that your home will have to meet certain requirements. It is something worth considering when looking at building a rural home. Flood areas may require extra clearance under the home, and Bushfire areas may require certain adaptations to the inside and outside of your home. When building with us that’s no problem! We’ll work with you to make sure your new home meets all these.

Acreage properties also cover large sections of land, which can mean your site may be sloping or uneven. The great thing about modular building is that we are able to prepare the base of your home and use adjustable piers and footings, so that we can help you get your dream design on even some of the most challenging of sites!

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at some of our designs that are perfect for acreage living…

With enough room for large families or those who have frequent guests, the Wollombi really does have space for everyone! Add to that a large open plan living area, study, separate lounge & rumpus room and plenty of windows that allow you to enjoy the view, this home is perfect for large acreage sites. See the floor plan and find out more here.

The Kulnura Boasts traditional country home design elements, that sit in harmony with your land and seamlessly welcomes the outdoors in. Featuring 5 bedrooms, plus the option for a parents retreat or study, as well as a great space for family gatherings or entertaining, this country style home looks just as good on the outside as inside! You can check out the floor plan and more here.

The Lochinvar is one of our most popular designs – and with good reason! With its country style and modern interior, it offers everything that you need to live the country dream. Open plan kitchen and dining areas, a separate lounge for those nights in and 4 bedrooms so the whole family can have their own space. A study offers the perfect quiet space for those working or studying, and the verandah is the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining. View the Lochinvar floor plan here.

Here at Manor, not only do we offer high-quality, beautiful homes for your site – but we also have plenty of experience in delivering them to rural locations. We know what to look out for and how to tackle anything these sites can throw up – and will work with you at every step of the way to make sure you are getting the home you’ve always wanted. We’ll help you get the best not only from your home, but from your land too – and with several different style of home to choose from your home will look just as good on the outside as it does on the inside. Why not take a look at all our home designs and find the perfect one for you!

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