Behind the scenes at Manor: How Manor manage costs, supply chain and business stability

Manor Homes' transparent approach assures quality builds despite industry challenges, prioritizing customer trust and satisfaction.

Knowing it is a time of such uncertainty for many in the construction industry, you might wonder how Manor Homes is able to provide outstanding quality builds that represent real value? Today we offer you a peek behind the scenes, to offer reassurance to you as a customer. Yes, building materials and trade labour are currently in short supply, high demand and fetching a higher sale price due to the pandemic, floods and fires, but we are navigating these difficulties. We do this by managing costs, using a reputable supply chain, longstanding supplier and trade relationships, and through our ongoing diligence to the stability of our business.

Managing costs

Manor Homes manages the costs of our business in various ways: strong relationships with our suppliers; in the way that we pay and treat our tradespeople; and by avoiding debts.

  • Supplier relationships: We have an extensive history with our suppliers, and as such are on the best financial terms available and have good long-standing relationships. This means we’re always on this list of those first to hear about cost fluctuations and other goings on in the market. We are then able to organise our stock, timelines and builds in accordance with these changes. This means that the effect on our customers is minimal.
  • Happy workers: Another key to managing costs is that we pay our tradespeople on a weekly basis. This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, we have no large debts accumulating, so have a clear and up to date understanding of our financial position. Secondly, this also means we have happy tradespeople and subcontractors. Their work satisfaction and security is important to us to ensure that they are dedicated to maintaining our high quality builds and continue to choose to be part of our team. For our customers, this ensures that your build is completed to the best quality, budget and timeline that can be achieved taking into account current circumstances.

Supply chain

As you are aware, Manor Homes builds your home in a factory setting with a specific factory-led process. This is ideal in regard to storing and sharing supplies, and working to a specific timeline.

  • Factory process advantages: Manor Homes is able to order materials earlier than we would if undertaking a traditional build; supplies are in hand from the beginning. Our factory build also permits us to order large quantities in single deliveries to be shared among the jobs currently in progress. This results in less wastage, greater efficiency and is more financially viable.
  • Factory setting advantages: The factory setting also allows for safe storage of materials. They are not out in the weather, or at risk of theft as they would be on a traditional building site, therefore we are never at risk of losing our resources or funds in this manner. In the current climate, with more common catastrophic weather events and building materials in high demand, the risk of damage and theft is greater than ever before. With a modular build, you can rest assured that this is never a concern. Our secure facility ensures all the parts of your home are in top condition when they are crafted into your house.
  • Clear timelines: Another advantage of this process is that it allows accurate forecasting. As most of the build is completed in a factory with a central material storage, by the time the build moves to site, we’ve had ample time to arrange supplies to be delivered there. We don’t lose money while tradespeople sit around waiting for materials to arrive. Our well run and organised business not only translates to managing costs well, but also to an efficient build for our valued customers. Being on top of our finances means we are able to forecast costs to our clients as well, so even in these uncertain times, once a contract is signed, you can have confidence in the projected cost of your build.

Business stability

In the news recently you would have seen that smaller builders, and indeed some well-known volume builders, are struggling with the increasing costs, supply issues and instability. When you build with Manor Homes you can rest assured that your most significant investment, your new home, will be in good hands. Whilst some builders may promise cheaper builds, you do not want to risk rising costs, lengthy delays or in some cases, your home.

  • Industry longevity: Manor Homes has a long and proven track record of providing quality service and craftsmanship over the last 30 years. We’ve weathered the high interest rates of the early 90’s; the Sydney Olympic construction boom; the GFC; Ours is a name you can trust in the industry.
  • Unique process: Our factory build and clear process makes us unique in an advantageous way. As outlined above, the modular build affords us a greater ability to handle costs and manage the supply chain to pass on benefits and savings to you.
  • Experience: Our extensive experience and tight knit team of employees, tradespeople and suppliers have been working together for years. We understand the industry, we’ve lived through other uncertain periods and have managed to not only survive but thrive. New businesses finding their feet, or volume builders promising the world at a cheaper price cannot compare to our quality, reliability and value for money.

At Manor Homes we believe in transparency with our customers, which is why we wanted to share how we are able to accommodate you and continue to deliver high quality homes, even in the light of recent challenges. Our consistent methods, relationships and solid financial situation makes us the ideal choice for anyone looking to build their dream home in the current circumstances.

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