Building the perfect country or coastal lifestyle home

Do you dream of a more relaxed lifestyle in the country or on the coast? Manor Homes will have your home sooner with rapid modular builds.
Building the perfect country or coastal lifestyle home

Do you dream of a more relaxed lifestyle in the country or on the coast? Manor Homes will have you in your home sooner with our rapid modular builds. Before you begin building, however, there are some things to consider: a layout designed for the country or coast; whether you are building off the grid; whether the property is in a bushfire or flood prone area; and if you will build a modular home.


Design your home with a layout that is in keeping with a coastal or country theme. Consider a mudroom to shed muddy or sandy clothes before entering into the rest of the house. Incorporate a verandah to protect from the rain, and shade from the harsh sun. To make your home truly a place to relax, you cannot go past a deck or alfresco to enjoy the evening sea breeze or for entertaining in the summer. For further detail on features to include in a rural home, head to our article on the subject. For a home where you can gather and entertain, consider the following inclusions for luxurious family living: multiple living spaces; multiple bathrooms; a walk in or butler pantry; and outdoor spaces. Check out our article on the subject for a full rundown.

Building off the grid

Building off the grid, whilst taking some time to set up, means your property will be self-sufficient. If you are keen to do this, you will need to consider many elements.

Install rainwater tanks for easy collection and distribution of water. Have a sufficient supply of LPG gas bottles for gas cooking. Organise solar and battery systems to power electricity, lights and heating/cooling. Sewage can be managed via a built in septic system. Consider engaging satellites for television and internet use. Manor Homes has experience in building homes that are off the grid and can assist you with all these requirements.

Building in a Bushfire Prone Area

A Bushfire Prone Area (BPA) is classed as an area that has been mapped out as a bushfire hazard. Accordingly, any home that is built in this area needs to meet a national bushfire construction standard. This is known as a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL). Any new home needs to be able to withstand the lowest BAL, which is 12.5 kilowatts of radiant heat per metre squared. There are six Bushfire Attack Levels, rating from low (the level below 12.5), to the highest being 40+ kilowatts of radiant heat per metre squared. We are experts in this area and will ensure your home meets the requirements. We can also offer other tips in the design of your home and property to lessen the impact, should you experience a bushfire.

Building in a flood prone area

Similarly, houses in flood prone areas should be designed to prevent or lessen damage in the case of a flood. Also consider the possible impact of breaking surf or rising coastal waters if your property is close to the coast. Our build method is particularly suited to flood prone and coastal areas because we do not build on a slab like traditional builders. Manor’s modular homes are built on a custom built steel chassis, which is affixed to piers and can be elevated with an open sub-floor.

Why the modular the best choice?

Choose a modular home for the best build. We offer: a clear building process; the benefits of a factory build; a range of styles and designs, or the ability to customize your design; a rapid building process; and a fixed and affordable price. Manor Homes has over 30 years of experience in the industry and has a fine tuned process that is clear and easy for clients to follow. Know what is happening every step of the way with your home. We also have four styles to choose from: Classic Country, Hamptons, Contempo and Coastal, and a wide range of house plans. Customise one of our designs or we can build your unique design.

A modular build also means that you benefit from the majority of the build taking place in a factory setting. The quality of the materials is easily maintained, as it is not affected by outdoor elements. There is also more opportunity for cut offs from various builds to be recycled and reused in a sustainable way. The build is not delayed by environmental factors, such as weather. Most importantly, and fortunately for our clients, is the ability for us to build your home in as little as 12 short weeks.

You can be in your new home, enjoying a relaxed lifestyle well before this time next year! Have the best quality home in a shorter time frame when you build with Manor Homes. We are the experts in lifestyle homes and look forward to assisting you on your journey to your dream country or coastal home. Contact Manor Homes today to book a consultation and get started.

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