Can I be in a new home by Christmas?

Difference between traditional & modular builds means that you could be celebrating Christmas in your brand new house. Here’s how we do it!

If everything you have heard about building your own home is true, you would assume that it would be nearly impossible to be in a new home by the end of this year. And you would be right. Unless, that is, you chose to build with Manor Homes. The difference between traditional and modular builds means that you could be celebrating Christmas 2020 in your brand new house. Here’s how we do it:

new home in Christmas

A Fast and Efficient Build: We have a seven step process to ensure all the needs of the customer are met and to streamline the process. The main reason our builds are so speedy is because the home is built in a factory setting. Construction is not affected by weather conditions or other factors that arise with traditional builds. Your home can be built in a speedy 12 weeks! Time is also saved because the property site can be prepared whilst the home is being built in the factory.

PASSpack – Our Planning and Approvals Streamline Start: Whilst the modular build is a speedy process, often you need to wait on council approvals. It is important to start the process as soon as possible to take into account the time this may take. But don’t worry, we take care of all the finer details for you. Once we have the approvals for your finances and those required from the council, we can draw up the contract and let you know the date that you can move into your new home.

Final Touches: Once the build is completed, the home is ready to be delivered to the prepared site. Any finishing touches that cannot be added in the factory setting, like a verandah, for example, can then be completed. Then it is ready for handover so that you can move in!

Would you like to celebrate Christmas in your brand new home? Don’t delay. Contact us to get the process started today and we will make it happen.

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