Tailored Design

We understand you sometimes just can’t find what you are looking for, so we’re here to help.

During our Discovery Meeting, if we feel that a custom-built solution is right for you, we’ll take you through how that typically works. In summary it involves a more detailed design stage; slightly longer build time and sometimes the option of a ‘hybrid’ build (part factory, part site built) to achieve the stunning result that will do justice to your special site.

Given the increased complexity, it normally represents best value when your house build budget is in the $500K – $1M range, and involves a slightly different process whereby a design fee is quoted and paid up-front before the building design begins.

We can also arrange the service of a fully qualified interior designer, who will help you with your interior design to suit your style and vision.

Over the past 27 years, we’ve helped create architectural masterpieces in the Australian Alpine regions; impeccably detailed Homesteads in the Hunter; contemporary multi-level coastal homes; and intelligently designed and built duplexes and motel-style residences.

If you’re thinking this might be for you, book in for a Discovery Meeting and we’ll help you decide.