Countryside Kids

City dwellers worry that the move to a country lifestyle will equal missing out on exciting events & that their kids will get bored quickly.

Often city dwellers worry that the move to a country lifestyle will equal missing out on exciting events and that their kids will get bored quickly. It couldn’t be further from the truth! The wide-open space, natural landscape and tight knit communities of Australia’s regional towns encourage better physical and mental health for our kids.

Countryside Kids

Did you know the average country kids spend half an hour longer outside than their city counterparts? Bigger backyards, local attractions and a friendly laidback community all motivate children to be out in the fresh air more often. The kids will enjoy running from house to house in the neighbourhood to play, riding their bikes to school with mates and exploring the local natural trails just like their parents did decades ago.

Regional towns tend to be sport-centric which will also promote a healthy, active lifestyle. The community comes together to support their local kids and share in the shuttling of youths from town to town on weekends for their matches. Close communities foster better connections and in turn better mental health.

Country living also means more room for animals and vegetable gardens. Whether domestic pets or farm animals, your young ones will benefit from caring for their creatures. Keeping chickens and planting their own vegetables will also encourage them to eat healthily, to learn where their food comes from and teach them about the simple pleasures in life.

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