Designing a functional laundry

When it comes to building a new home, it’s important to include a functional and aesthetically pleasing laundry.
Designing a functional laundry

Like many household chores, doing the laundry can sometimes feel tedious. So when it comes to building a new home, it’s important to include a functional and aesthetically pleasing laundry. Here are some things to consider when designing a laundry.

Create a functional layout

Whether you choose a U-shaped, L-shaped, or galley style laundry layout, make sure there is enough room to move around. If possible, position the washing machine, dryer and sink so that they can’t be easily viewed from outside of the room.

Include plenty of storage

The statement “you can never have too much storage” is especially true in a well-designed laundry room. With all the laundry supplies and the laundry itself, you’ll need to consider cabinets, shelves, drawers and bins. Decide whether you prefer to have open or closed storage and consider cabinets for storing large items like an ironing board and laundry baskets.

Consider your appliances

Front loading washing machines are popular now, and with good reason. By having the opening at the front rather than the top, front load washing machines can free up a space for folding clothes. A great idea if to install a bench top over the top of the washing machine to protect the appliance enamel and keep your machine looking new for longer. Front loading appliances are also the way to go if you’re short on space because they can be stacked.

Install a deep sink

If there is room, consider installing a deep sink next to the washing machine and dryer. This will be useful for hand washing delicates, pre-treating stains, and even cleaning paint brushes and other items you’d rather not wash in the kitchen sink or bathroom. Ensure the tap is either high enough that you can fit a bucket underneath, or mounted to the side rather than the centre of the back of the sink so that it can be pushed out of the way when you need to put something big in the sink.

Create a place for folding and stacking

By installing a folding bench that is slightly higher than a standard benchtop, it will help reduce back strain, making it more ergonomic. Ensure it’s wide enough to accommodate large items.

Include a place to dry hand-washables

A drying rack and a place to set it up in the laundry will avoid the need to display clean laundry in your bathroom or other areas inside your home. If you have a utility sink, a drying rack can be installed above it to keep drips going down the drain rather than on the floor.

It’s all in the details

The little details can make a big difference to the functionality of your laundry room. Some tips are:

  • Include a basket for storing stray socks until you find the other sock in future loads.
  • Include a dish or tray for odds and ends found in pockets prior to washing.

When it comes to designing a highly functional laundry room, careful planning is a must. If you do it right, you’ll have a laundry room that makes doing the laundry much easier and quicker.

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