What makes modular home building faster than traditional build?

In this blog we dive deeper into how and what makes building modular can be quicker than a traditional build…

As builders of modular homes, we often get asked what the advantages of our process are. While there are benefits to both modular and traditional builds, there are certain things that our way of building can offer over an on-site build. One of the main differences is the speed in which you can get into your new home. In this blog we dive deeper into how and why building modular can be quicker than a traditional build…

Planning & Design:

Before we start constructing your dream home, we will work with you to determine and plan exactly what you want from your home. This means we can make sure every detail is correct before we begin putting your home together, as the layout, style and design of your home will already be in place – so we know exactly what materials we will need and how long each part of your home will take to build. Once you’ve committed to your building contract -we are good to go!

Our Process:

All our homes are built within the controlled environment of our factory. Our team uses hi-tech machinery and their own skills to build you home to 90% of completion, and our precision tools means there is less wastage and that every aspect of the design is built to your plans. There are no weather delays or external factors that many traditional builds must deal with. This combination of accurate craftsmanship, and the protection of a factory setting means we can finish your home to a very high standard before transporting to your site.

Transportation to Site:

When your home leaves our factory, it is split into modules, which are transported by truck over carefully pre-planned routes to get it to your site. The footings and piers will already be installed, ready for us to get your new home into position. With everything made to measure, your home will easily fit into place.

On Site:

Once your home is attached to the piers and footings, our team then makes the finishing touches – making sure everything is as it should be and up to our high standards. Essential service such as plumbing and electrical will already be in place ready to be connected, making it a simple and quick process.

Our system built Modular homes and streamlined process mean we don’t have to face the issues many on site builds do, such as lack of site preparation, delays from trades people or pausing building due to weather. All this means you can move into your new dream home a lot sooner than you think! Whether you’ve already got a site and are looking to make the next step, or if you just want to find out more about how we can help you, get in touch to book your no obligation consultation today!

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