Five tips to enhance open-plan living, without breaking the bank!

Open-plan living is great for entertaining, packs a big punch in the design department, and allows for effortless flow between your spaces
Five tips to enhance open-plan living

Open-plan living is a wonderful new wave of the future. Gaining popularity over the past few decades, spaces designed with a bright and open feel are a huge preference for many home buyers. And why not, right? Open-plan living is great for entertaining, packs a big punch in the design department, and allows for effortless flow between your spaces making the home feel spacious and well-laid-out. When you walk into someone’s home, for the first time, the first thing you notice is the layout.

Check out these five tips to help create and enhance an open-plan space.

It’s an arrangement

The placement of furniture in your home can make or break everything. In an open-plan space the best way to arrange furniture is so that each space is defined and appears separated from the rest. Use a large area rug to define the living area with the sofa and chairs positioned around the edges of the rug. Place a console table or bookcases between the living and dining spaces to create separation between them. By positioning furniture so that each space is contained yet still open to the other areas you will create a unique identity for each space within the home. Your furniture placement should define each space for you.

Killer coordination

Make sure your design is perfect by coordinating color schemes and using a similar decorating style for each space. Whether your prefer all white, or you choose to add some color on the walls, going with a color palette that looks good together will give your home a cohesive and wholesome character. Earthy neutrals can look stunning together, and pops of color are always nice in display items, fresh flowers, or textiles like shawls and throw pillows. If your color scheme is killing it, your open-plan space is sure to feel vibrant and beautiful. Color in design has been used for thousands of years to invoke emotions and make us feel happy, calm, or rejuvenated. Coordinate your space to give it a stylish and customized look.

Look out, look in

Windows and mirrors are a great way to make your space feel bigger. Oversized feature windows create the illusion of more space when your view is drawn outside to stretch as far as the eye can see. Mirrors add capacity to your rooms by extending the visual space and adding light to the room. Adding a mirror across from a window is also a great way to increase the light in the room. When you live in a naturally beautiful area, the windows bring the beauty in and the mirrors reflect it. In dining and living areas, hang a framed mirror on the wall horizontally or vertically if you have high ceilings. In a bedroom or closet, opt for a framed mirror with a stand. To expand your open-plan space, invest in your windows and mirrors.

Assume the position

If you have the opportunity to build your own house on your own piece of land, you have achieved the dream, my friend. Position your home on the land in a way that best suits you. Optimal views should be reserved for the master bedroom and family rooms. Are you able to catch a glimpse of the sunrise or sunset if your home is placed a certain way? When your home is in the proper position within the outside environment, it is easier to make the inside look better. Your inside space will achieve more abundance and charm when it works together with the exterior. Bring the outside in with authentic hand-crafted furniture and some rustic pieces, which go surprisingly well with a modern backdrop.

Every last inch

Making use of every last inch of space is key to a layout that flows and functions well. This means that there should be no wasted space. An empty corner is the perfect place for a corner shelf to put small plants, books, and vases or figurines. Utilize storage options like ottomans that house blankets or a magazine table that holds items underneath. Floor lamps can add a fashion statement as well as lighting. Make the most of your space by allowing open areas to flow well from one to another, and avoid creating areas that don’t serve a purpose. An open wall space could turn into the perfect reading nook with a little creativity and a blueprint. Plan to use every last inch and your home will naturally feel more spacious.


Your home is your sanctuary, so make the most of it. Open-plan living gives us a chance to be part of the action from any room. Keep an eye on everyone as you make dinner, or gather the troops all in for popcorn and a movie on the big screen TV.


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