Homes for every occasion

You can truly gauge how well designed a home is when you have everyone home over the holidays and homes for every occasion.

You can truly gauge how well designed a home is when you have everyone home over the holidays or are hosting a celebration. A well-designed home can be the difference between zen or zany parents over the school holidays or peace or calamity when everyone is over for dinner. Luckily, Manor’s clever floor plans will not disappoint, or have everyone underfoot.

Homes for every occasion

Multiple living spaces: Many of Manor’s designs incorporate more than one living area to accommodate for different ages and tastes. A designated rumpus room or playroom for the kids and a quiet retreat, for example, will hopefully keep the peace by encouraging family members to use particular spaces for relevant activities.

Multiple bathrooms: Unlike many traditional homes, Manor’s homes often include an ensuite and bathroom and you could even add an additional powder room. For big families, especially with teenagers or young children, this is a true blessing. When you have a large celebration or guests staying overnight, having several amenities aids in the smooth running of the household.

Walk in or butler pantries: You can bet that the kitchen will see plenty of traffic when everyone is home and hungry. Walk in and butler pantries mean there is more room to move, prepare and store food. When you are hosting a gathering, the larger pantry also means you can leave dishes where they won’t be seen and get back to more important things, like catching up with family and friends.

Outdoor spaces: A covered outdoor area gives family members more options, year round. They can eat and gather together or separately depending on their mood or the circumstance. For a big celebration, you can even combine dining areas to accommodate the visiting crowd.

Manor’s homes are not only perfect for everyday living but also on the occasions when you have large gatherings or guests staying.

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