How Much Does A Manor Home Cost?

Wondering how much a Manor home costs? While we do list starting prices on our website, your investment depends on your vision. Let's discuss your dream home & how to ensure you make sure you find out the accurate amount for it before you start building.

Potential customers will often ask us whether we have a price list.

While we don’t have a standard published price list, on our website, under each design, you’ll find that there’s a starting price to give you a rough idea. But this is only to be viewed as a guide because we have to consider a number of different variables before we can give you a more realistic understanding of what you need to invest in your new home.

Why do we do this?

Essentially, we want to help our customers. So, instead of putting out a general price list which doesn’t give you the full story, we’d rather talk to you first so that the price we quote is as accurate as possible for what you want.

Our customers that have built with us appreciate that we don’t have a standard price list and that the prices we initially provide them are estimates based on everyone’s best understanding, and that the quote that we provide them at the next stage is a true reflection of what the project is going to cost.

You see, there are some builders out there in the big wide world that claim to be able to provide a price right at the start. But we’ve heard the horror stories too many times of how they end up with a contract in their lap a few months down the track that’s double what they were originally quoted. And we definitely don’t want that for you!

We seriously don’t want to go down that road and provide you with misleading information. We’d rather be upfront and get a better understanding of all the variables that’ll come into play. This means that the personalised quote we provide reflects all the costs associated with your build and it’s something that all of our customers really appreciate.

So what are some of the variables that’ll affect the price of your home?

Variables that can affect the final quote that we give you.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the numerous variables that we have to consider before we can give you a final quote to build your new home.


We currently have six different design collections in our range –

Each design and its variations will have a different starting price. You can see this on our website by following the above links.

Your location.

Where your land is located is also an important factor. We take into account the distance of your land from our factory but also need to understand whether your site is accessible.

On top of that, we’re interested in the topography of your land to ascertain whether it’s a flat block or whether it’s sloping. A sloping block may involve additional work for the sub-floor.

We also need to understand the soil type. Plus, we need to know whether there’s availability to services such as water, electricity and sewers, and the distance that needs to be covered to connect these services.

All of this information will allow us to calculate what the site preparation requirements will be so that we can factor this into your quote.

Council requirements.

Each council will have different requirements depending on where your land is located. For example, you might be in a bushfire zone and this will require some building enhancements that we’ll have to include.

Your council may also have stipulations about the minimum size requirements of a permanent dwelling and any other structural regulations that need to be met.

The level of inclusions.

The type of inclusions that you ideally want in your home can be a huge factor in determining the final price. These could include:

  • Style of kitchen, laundry and bathroom
  • Type of flooring
  • Style of internal and external doors
  • Type of appliances
  • What type of lighting you’d prefer
  • The number of electrical and plumbing fixtures and fittings you want
  • How many robes and cupboards you need
  • Your choice of cladding and roof style
  • Type of windows
  • Whether you want a garage or a carport
  • Whether you want to add a verandah and handrails

Plus, we even have the option of a fixed-price package for floor coverings and window furnishings.

Making adjustments to the level of inclusions is one way that we can help you stay within your budget. To that end, we’ll work with you to offer alternatives that will enable you to stay within the price range you can afford.


At the other end of the scale, you might want to make certain tweaks to the basic designs so that the home will suit your lifestyle. These types of alterations will likely add to the final quote that we give you.

For an accurate quote, talk to us.

If you’re interested in having a Manor home built for your site, why not give us a call.

We have a simple process where our customers talk to one of our consultants who will then guide them through how we work in a step-by-step manner. This provides them with the best results.

Let us know exactly what you want and give us details about your location.

Once the consultant understands what your needs are, if we can help, the consultant will move you through the process and provide you with a full proposal of how much your ideal home is going to cost.

But if we’re not able to help you, we’ll be totally honest with you and tell you that we can’t provide what you’re looking for. Instead, we’ll direct you to someone who will be able to help with your requirements.

There’s no ongoing obligation on your behalf and our consultants are always happy to have a chat about what we can offer you if you choose to build with us.

Remember the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. So if you visit other sites that offer a standard price list, be aware that the prices quoted are probably only a starting guide and the end result could end up quite a different story based on the variables that we’ve already mentioned.

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