How to build the ultimate holiday rental

Want a stunning holiday home and an extra source of income? Here are some elements to consider when creating the ultimate holiday rental.

Want a stunning holiday home and an extra source of income? Why not have both by creating a holiday house for yourself that you can rent out when you aren’t using it? Here are some elements to consider when creating the ultimate holiday rental.

How to build the ultimate holiday rental

Find a floor plan: The first step in creating a floor plan for your holiday home is to consider its purpose. Is the house a cosy retreat for one family or is it a larger home for many? Find a plan that works for your block and the type of home you would like to build. The Manor Homes Vineyard series is a great place to start looking. For a larger home for multiple families, consider our Vision series or undertaking a tailored build.

Functional spaces: When people are on holidays and looking to relax, it is important to have spaces that accommodate this. You might like to create nominated areas for children and adults. An indoor/outdoor living space, such as a covered deck, might also allow adults to relax while the kids run around outside.

Number of bathrooms: There is nothing like a luxurious bathroom when you are holidaying. It is also important to include additional bathrooms in a larger home, especially if you are catering for multiple families. Ensure there are enough bathrooms to service everyone.

Outdoor living: We tend to holiday in the warmer months and consequently spend lots of time outdoors. Outdoor entertaining areas in holiday homes are popular and a big drawcard for people seeking to rent. Consider adding one when you are planning yours.

Kitchen area: On holidays, people like to come together at meal times. Ensure that your kitchen area has enough space for this, especially if you may have many families gathering together.

Selections and finishes: Consider including finishes such as flooring and benches that are durable, easy to clean and that will stand the test of time. No one wants to spend too much time on their holidays cleaning!

Wow factor: The holiday homes that impress the most have a stand out feature. Consider a cosy fireplace, pizza oven or outdoor spa to delight your guests.

If you meet these criteria for your holiday rental, you will ensure you not only have a get away that you love, but one that other people will choose to rebook year after year too.

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