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How to style your coastal home

More Australians are swapping the city for the sea or investing in a beach house. The perfect coastal style home reflects its stunning, natural surrounds, from the colour palette through to the furniture. Here’s how to bring about a brilliant beach vibe.


A coastal home encapsulates the colours of the setting: from whites, neutrals, and sandy yellows of the beach, to the blues of sea tones, and traditional nautical colours. Choose white wash walls, neutral coloured sofas, and throws and pillows in dusty blues.


Likewise, natural textures lend a laid back feel to the home. Wooden floorboards, wicker chairs and rattan baskets give a simple but elegant vibe. Linen sheets, woolen blankets and textured cotton reflect the sensory nature of the coast. Mix and match textures for the full effect. Shiplap panelling is also a prominent feature of coastal homes.


Natural elements, colours and textures have already been mentioned and this extends to furniture and accessories. Think stained drawers, recycled products, weathered tables and chairs. Timber takes a front seat in a coastal home. Sand coloured flooring that is durable is ideal for the barrage of sandy feet. Make the most of natural light in the home and accessorise with beach wall art, collected seashells and driftwood.

Simplicity and space

A coastal home is a place to relax and unwind so keep it minimalistic and clutter free. Be adventurous in your furniture layout but focus on making it feel spacious and light-filled.
Open plan living allows you to be flexible whilst still retaining space.

Outdoor elements

As you can see, a coastal home brings the outdoors inside by mirroring the coastal landscape. You can also bring the indoors outside by investing in an outdoor shower. It is a feature of a beach home and a practical way to keep your home clean when you return after a beach visit.

Whether your coastal home is for holidays or forever, mix and match the above elements to design the perfect beach house and check out our pre-designed Coastal Style package to give your new home that airy coastal feel.