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modular build still the best choice

At Manor Homes we pride ourselves on our transparency. Every business has its challenges and, at the moment, the building industry is facing price rises across the board. Here’s what you need to know.

Annual prices rises

There is always a slight increase in prices across industries each year, and the building sector is no different. Our promise: we always deliver an outstanding quality home and speedy build for the fixed price you pay.

Materials and labour are in short supply

At the moment, labour and materials are in short supply for various reasons including: the pandemic; recent bushfires; the HomeBuilder grant; and people making a change in lifestyle and moving to a regional area. The good news is that Manor Homes is sustainable with our materials and recycle offcuts from one build for another. (Read more in this article).

High demands increase costs

Unfortunately, the fact is that short supply and high demand means increased cost. Whilst we try to take on as much of these cost increases as we can, continuous supplier and material cost increases have meant we have had to follow, suit and increase the cost of our homes. We don’t do this lightly but it is necessary to continue to build high quality, beautiful lifestyle homes.

The good news

Property prices and real estate prices have increased due to demand. Especially people looking for a lifestyle change after last year, and buying rural and regional properties. The good news is that these properties are worth more with the increased demand and your new home may also be worth more in the current market. What sets modular builds apart from others? You will be in your new home faster, so you will save money on renting.

What we do know is that whilst we can’t control demand or price increases, Manor Homes can continue to deliver a high quality, speedy modular build to get you in your new home faster.