What happens at our factory…

We take a look into what happens inside our factory, to give you an idea of what goes in to creating and building our high-quality homes…

We know that building your dream home is an exciting adventure – from idea to completion. We want you to feel part of the process at every step of the way, so you always know what is happening and what stage you are at. We take a look into what happens inside our factory, to give you an idea of what goes in to creating and building our high-quality homes…

Once your building contract is signed, finances are in place and there has been approval on your Development Application (DA), we can begin your home build. Our team make sure we have all the materials we need and check on quality and precision throughout the process. Usually, the build time is less than 20 weeks, depending on the size and scope of your home – but we set ourselves timelines to help you get to your dream home as quickly as possible. Once our team is ready, we start construction…

Work begins with the construction of your home’s frame, using protective-coated steel to create a solid base that will protect your home from the ground conditions and last for decades. At this stage the size of your design comes to life, and you can start to see how your home will come together.

Next, we use the stamped Council approved plans and all the information we gathered through our PASS pack stage to put your home together. Based off your designs we begin building the framework of your home and the individual rooms start to take shape. Once the framework is complete, and all insulation and protection has been added, we then add your chosen cladding on your external walls and start plastering internal walls – this is a very exciting part of the process as once this step is complete, along with the roofing you can really see and feel how your home will look.

Building in our factory allows us to be extremely precise when manufacturing every detail of your home. The controlled environment means that we can make sure every part of the build, from frame to finish is of the highest quality, and that everything is in accordance with your design plans. Your home will be 90% finished within our factory, which means that there are no delays caused by weather or other external factors that can occur on a traditional build. The factory process is also much more efficient and produces less wastage, as we can make sure all materials are exactly right for your design and we know how much of each we will need. Now that most of the exterior and interior work is done, it’s time to get your build to site!

Your home is meticulously divided into modules to allow for transportation to your location. The individual modules are carefully loaded on to trucks, secured and are then ready to make their way to you and become your home.
When your modules arrive, they are placed as per the plans on your pre-installed footings and/or piers. Each module is craned into place and secured to both the foundations and each other to become your dream home. Once in place, only those who know and really look will be able to see where the modules are joined – it is practically undetectable as your new home is completed.

Now that your home is in place, our team of on-site tradesmen make all the finishing touches, making sure everything is perfect on the inside as well as on the outside. It is at this time when we also add any decks, verandahs and garages that you have as per your scope of works. Once everything is perfectly in place and finished – you’re ready to enjoy your brand new home!

There are many benefits to modular building, and our factory process means we can adhere to strict time schedules so you will not only be in your home quickly, but you will know exactly what stage of the build you are at. As homes are almost completely built in the factory it also means less disruption to your site – giving you peace of mind, especially if you are doing a knockdown rebuild! Manor Homes are finished to an extremely high standard, and our ability to make sure everything that goes into your home is perfect is a big reason why.

If you would like to start your journey to a new home – get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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