How you can customise your new Manor home to make it your own

No two homes we build are the same and we encourage you to make your home your own. Customise your new Manor home!
customise your new Manor home

No two homes we build are the same and we encourage you to make your home your own. You can do this by: altering the design plans of the house from the outset; or by making changes to the interior or exterior of your home.

Floor plan changes

We have a multitude of floor plans for you to choose from but we are able to customise any of these to suit your lifestyle and needs. If you love one of our standard plans and would like to add a bedroom, study, alfresco, verandah or any other element, we can assist you in making that happen. Likewise, we can easily flip plans to suit the orientation of your block. Finally, if you would like to use your own original plan, we are more than happy to make your dream home design a reality. The design stage of the build may need to be more detailed and the build may be slightly longer, but we can certainly undertake any plans you have.


Stylistic changes

We have standard styles that you can apply (and customise!) to any of our floor plans. These include both the interior and exterior finishes. Otherwise you are welcome to specify the finishes for your home. This is not just limited to paint colours – to make your home your own there are a number of elements you can select.

Exterior style options

The exterior of your house is the part that most people will see and creates a first impression. From the most noticeable elements like the roof and exterior walls, to the smallest, like the posts on your verandah, these come together to create the style of your home.

  • Cladding type: Whilst cladding is there to protect your home from the elements, it also can reflect the style you are after. You can choose from a range of options, including Weathertex Selflok, Vinyl Weatherboard, Feature Cladding and Rendered Cladding in a variety of colours.
  • Paint Colours: Choose a colour that suits your type of home. Whether it is a homestead, has a coastal style, or a modern look, signature colours will enhance the feel of your home. Alternatively, you may like to go against the grain and choose a unique, bold shade.
  • Roof line: Choose from various styles (such as gabled, double gabled, split skillion, single skillion – we can take you through all of these terms) and roof pitch. The roofline of your home will make a statement.
  • Verandah: If you have a verandah as part of your home, whether skillion or wrap around, consider what style you would like the posts to be. From the ornate, to simple and modern, the smallest details can make a difference to the overall look.
    Post brackets, fretwork and finials: Similarly, these decorative elements can add to the unique impression of your home. Whether metal, wooden, or inspired by a particular era, such as Victorian, they will nod to a particular architectural style.
  • Lighting: Your outdoor lighting can be installed for practical uses, as well as to highlight the parts of the exterior house you want to stand out. Also, consider mood lighting, and ceiling fans, which may enhance your outdoor alfresco.

Interior style options

Elements in the interior of your home can also add to your own particular style, and more often than not, are an extension of the exterior look. Consider how both will meld together to create your own customised style.

  • Cornices, skirting boards and architraves: Decide whether you will choose square set plaster for a modern look, or choose from our selection of cornices, skirting boards and architraves.
  • Paint colours: What colour palette will you choose for the inside of your home? It is important to envisage what this will look like as a whole (flooring, walls, benches, cabinetry) so that they complement each other. Lighter tones on the walls will open up a space, whereas darker colours will have the opposite effect.
  • Flooring types and colours: Whether timber, carpet, vinyl or tiles, you will need flooring that is functional, durable and just as importantly, suits the style you are after.
    Cabinetry finishes, profiles and colours: Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, profiles and colours are other elements where you can inject your unique tastes or enhance a particular feel like a country, coastal or modern vibe.
    Benchtop types and colours: Depending on how much you use the kitchen, you may be looking for durability of the surface as well as a colour that will not easily stain. Alternatively, you may opt for textures and tones that match the rest of your home.
  • Lighting: Interior lights could include a multitude of options, such as baton lights, downlights and feature lights, such as pendants.
  • Feature elements: Built in feature cabinets and fireplaces individualise a home and give it character. This is another way you can solidify your home’s distinctive appearance.

Check out our case studies and gallery and let us know what elements you like. We can help you achieve a similar look! Contact us today to organise a consultation on building your dream customised home.

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