Make yours a home for a rural lifestyle

At Manor Homes we’ve put together some ideas to consider when customising your home to suit your rural lifestyle:

At Manor Homes we know that a well-designed home should be a reflection of both the owner’s style and the location of the property. We’ve put together some ideas to consider when customising your home to suit your rural lifestyle:

Make yours a home for a rural lifestyle

A wrap around verandah: Nothing says farm home or country estate like a verandah around the entire house. Enjoy 360-degree views and give yourself ample space for outdoor entertaining from any aspect.

Flip the floorplan: it would be a shame to miss out on prime views and sunlight flooding your living areas because the floorplan faces the wrong direction. We can easily flip the floorplan to suit your landscape and make the most of the land you’re building on.

Add a carport or garage: If you have a large property, you may have extra vehicles such as a ride on mower, quad bike or a tractor that you need to house. With extensive property also comes a need for more tools and equipment for the garden, yard and caring for pets or livestock. Customise your home with a carport and workshop to accommodate these needs.

Consider your kitchen layout: A country kitchen may require more room for home grown produce to be prepared and stored. Add a walk in or butler’s pantry, extra large sinks or even a storage space to keep the main kitchen clear of unwanted clutter.

Add a mud room: A country lifestyle means clean fresh air and of course, dirt. That doesn’t mean the dirt needs to come inside though! Why not add a mud room to your home so that boots and jackets can be dropped in a separate space, along with any mess and smells that come with them.

Space for guests: If you are out in the sticks, far from friends and family, you may also like to add an extra bedroom and bathroom for visiting guests. Save the hassle of shuffling the family around, and have your guest room ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Bushfire Attack Level requirements: It is vital to meet BAL requirements to ensure the safety of your property, home and family. Manor can assist you with this when you design your home.

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