Operation Recovery: Assisting Those Affected by Bushfires

Our response to the bushfire disaster, Operation Recovery, works alongside government bushfire rebuild guidelines and BAL ratings.

Australia experienced devastating bushfires during summer and Manor Homes wants to do our bit to assist those affected. We are committed to helping people rebuild and are giving priority to bushfire affected clients. Our response to the bushfire disaster, Operation Recovery, works alongside government bushfire rebuild guidelines and BAL ratings. It involves our rapid building method so that we can get people back onto their properties as soon as possible and with the least amount of fuss.

Assisting Those Affected by Bushfires

Priority to Bushfire Affected Clients

Being situated in West Gosford, New South Wales we have a particular affinity for those who have been devastated by the recent bushfires. We understand the desire to be back on your own property and in your own home quickly. That is why we are giving priority to those who are rebuilding after being affected by bushfires.

We are committed to responding and moving the process along speedily to ensure you can feel a sense of belonging, normality and comfort once again. And though it is a rapid response, we understand the gravity of building a new home after such devastation. We do so in a caring and sympathetic manner.

We have already had great feedback from people rebuilding with us. One client said “We didn’t know where to start until we spoke to Manor. Everything was simplified and explained. . . a clear pathway back to normality”. Others have said we show a “Sympathetic and caring interest and genuine desire to get us back into our home without delay”.

How does Operation Recovery work?

Our response to a build after the occurrence of a bushfire follows a series of simple steps through the acronym RECOVERY.

R – We Review the current living situation

E – We Establish the current site situation

C – We question whether Consultants are required and if so, for what tasks?

O – We Observe and discuss the client’s needs

V – We Verify the site constraints

E – We organise Express design/planning/council lodgements

R – We begin the Rapid building process

Y – This is not last, but rather what underlies the above process – You. This is all about ensuring you are given a clear and concise pathway to rebuild; enabling you to enjoy your very own home again; enjoy life with your family, and have peace-of-mind in the community again It all starts with our complimentary Food Kit, as pictured below:

Government Guidelines and BAL Ratings

We work by the government guidelines. As part of our Express design/planning/council lodgements we have the property assessed for its Bushfire Attack Level, or BAL. The higher the risk of bushfire, the more measures of protection that need to be taken for the rebuild. The risk has been classified into six levels from low to extreme. The numbers on the BAL risk level refer to kilowatts per square metres of radiant heat. Here is a rundown of the BAL ratings:

BAL Ratings

Low – There is a low risk of fire

12.5 – There is a risk of potential embers during a fire

19 – There is a risk of embers and burning debris

29 – The property is at risk from embers, burning debris and heat

40 – The property is at risk from embers, debris, heat and potential flames

FZ – The property is at risk from direct exposure of flames from a firefront

Once we have the BAL rating for the property we can design the home with the measures of protection required. We build to all BAL ratings. You can rest assured that your new home will be built to the requirements needed in a bushfire prone area.

Fire Protection Measures

Five of the protection measures the NSW Fire Service says to consider are:

Access: a road wide enough for emergency services to gain access at the same time that you are leaving your property and if there is enough room for a truck to turn around
Water supply: the property needs a water supply for emergency services to access to assist with firefighting, with a pump if possible. It may be a pool, dam or tank
APZ (Asset Protection Zone): An area of cleared land between your home and surrounding vegetation will help protect it from fire
Landscaping: maintain the landscape surrounding your home, (for example, regularly cut the grass), to reduce fuel for possible fires
Construction: Use fire resistant materials when building your home to increase the chances of it withstanding a potential fire

Benefits of a Modular Build

Once all of the lodgements have been attended to, we begin the Rapid building process. In the case of bushfire rebuilds, the modular build could not be more valuable. Because the home is constructed in a factory setting it means it will not be delayed by weather conditions or other external factors. The home can be built in a speedy 12 weeks!

Whilst the construction is happening offsite, the property can be cleared, given time to regenerate and prepped for the new home. This saves an enormous amount of time. We have full turnkey packages which means you can move straight into your new home once it has been transported and fixed onsite.

An Operation of Trust

Undoubtedly, the most significant part of our Operation Recovery is the You. We appreciate you placing your trust in us to assist you in rebuilding your most important asset, your home. We are with you every step of the process to make your rebuild dream come true.

Has your property or residence been affected by the bushfires earlier this year? Contact us today to book an appointment. We are giving priority to bushfire affected clients.

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