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We take care of all your painting, including weather proofing the outside of your home, and our 2-coat system helps protect your walls
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One of the great things about Manor Homes is that you can make them your own. This personalisation doesn’t stop at the design and layout of your home, it also means getting the perfect colours both inside and outside of your dream home. We take care of all your painting, including weather proofing the outside of your home, and our 2-coat system helps protect your walls as well as providing a durable finish. So now you know that Manor paints your home, it’s time to pick your styling…

Styles & Themes:

We have 4 stunning styles available that will be reflected on the exterior and interior design of your home. Each style has its own unique features to help you get exactly the look you want:

Classic Country Style

Our standard theme offers simple elegance with a true country feel. Utilising whites and creams to reflect a traditional country home and create a colour palette that is timeless, peaceful and comforting.


Looking for sophistication with a coastal vibe? Then the Hamptons style may be the one for you! Classic greys, whites and hints of blue make for a relaxing and polished home, which is sure to impress!


If you are after an ultra-modern feel, you can’t go wrong with this style. Crisp whites and bold feature colours help to turn your home into a modern classic! With strong lines and textures throughout the interior and exterior, the Contempo style will keep your home looking fresh for years to come.


Who doesn’t want it to feel like summer all year round?! The Coastal theme makes the most of ocean blues, sun-bleached whites and natural detailing to help you bring the outdoors, in. A minimalist and homely style that will brighten your design no matter where you are.

We’ve got you covered, inside & out:

Here at Manor, we want you to love every aspect of your home and so if you prefer, why not tailor your colours to meet your lifestyle dream? During the building contracts and selections step of your build, you will work closely with one of our Colour Consultants to make sure you are happy with your colour choices and finishes.

We can help you turn your vision into reality and get exactly the right colours to suit your new home – we take care of all the painting, making sure both the inside and outside are to a high quality standard, so all you have to worry about is choosing the right styles for you! Head to our gallery and start visualising your dream style today!

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