Ready to retire from farm life?

Are you thinking of retiring from farm life and looking to downsize? Here’s why Manor Homes are the answer.

Are you thinking of retiring from farm life and looking to downsize? Do you want a speed, cost-effective build, without the hassle of a conventional build? Whether you are building on a new lot or on your current property, here’s why Manor Homes are the answer.

ready to retire from farm life

It can be a simple process

One of the best things about Manor’s modular build process is that it can be as simple as you want. Choose from our range of existing home designs, let us take care of all of the details and move straight into your completely finished home after the short onsite construction.

Factory build equals less time displaced

Because 90% of Manor’s modular home build is completed in a factory setting, you don’t have to spend as much time in between homes. If you are knocking down your previous home to rebuild, you won’t need to move out as soon as if it were a traditional build. If you are building on another part of your property, you need not move out until your new house is finished!

A cost-effective solution

No one wants to add debt later in life, particularly farmers who may have seen hardships in recent times. A modular home is a more cost certain option. You can forget the surprises and variations that are often seen in conventional builds and use your contingency fund to enjoy your retirement.

Custom builds with options for easy access

Manor Homes offer a range of home designs for you to select from and can bring your own design to life if you have something specific in mind. As you grow older you may want to plan ahead and consider a home that incorporates ramps, wider doorways and stepless showers. Manor also cater for all accessibility needs and can add disabled toilet suites and grab rails to showers and toilets. It’s worthwhile planning for the future now to ensure your home is accessible and comfortable well into your twilight years.

Manor Homes gives you a fast, simple option, without compromising on quality. Contact Manor Homes and enjoy your retirement in your beautiful new home sooner.

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