How we build a safe home for you…

Here at Manor, we want to help you get the home you want, and we also want to make sure it keeps you safe.

Here at Manor, we want to help you get the home you want, and we also want to make sure it keeps you safe. We use top quality materials and techniques on all our homes so that you can have peace of mind that no matter what your home is safe for you and your family. But our dedication to safety goes beyond the factory, we aim to deliver a home that you love – with the knowledge that it is safe and solid.

It starts with the planning:

Even before we build your home, we can help you assess your site and plan, so that your home is in the safest possible position. We assess your site and location and think about things such as Bushfire risk, potential flood areas, reactive soils and more. If there is a way to orientate your home to maximise safety we will let you know. If you’re on a sloping site, no problem! We can look at the best way to make sure your home is stable and secure, while compensating for any undulations in the landscape.

how manor build a safe home for you

We use top materials:

It’s not just the setting of your site that we look at to build a strong, safe home – we also use materials that are designed to be structurally sound and stand up to the elements. When building the piers and chassis for your home to sit on, we use Durugal steel and protective-coated booms which are not only tough but are durable and resistant to rust. If you’re site is in a coastal area or a location prone to snowfall, we can increase the structural bracing to withstand high winds and snow – making sure your home is rock solid. The structural safety features go beyond the foundations too – we use H2 Termite treated flooring and wall framing so termites won’t cause any harm to the vital components of your home. To top it off we cover the roof with Fire-Retardant R 1.3 Foil insulation, plus our wall insulation, to help keep your home warm while also helping to reduce the risk of fire damage.

Other ways we help protect your home:

To make sure we provide you with the safest home possible, we also look at external factors. One of which is the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of your site – so even if you’re area is prone to fires, your home will be designed and built to meet the required standard. If you’re in an area that is liable to flooding, our elevated pier system keeps the floor of your home elevated to let water pass through and not damage the essential flooring. Our adjustable piers are also perfect for sites with reactive soil, as it allows you to adjust how your home sits over time to compensate for any changes – all of this leads to a more stable and solid building.

There are also several additions we can make to protect your home from the elements. We can upgrade sills and storm deflectors to cope with robust weather, if you’re based in an area where heavy rainfall can be a problem, this is a great option. We can also apply additional coatings to sub floor beams and piers, which will help protect the underside of your home from corrosion – something that can cause problems especially in exposed sites. Using stainless steel fixings and fasteners is another way to protect your home from wear and tear caused by the weather, as they will last a lot longer due to their rust resistance.If you are in close proximity to breaking surf, we will use Colorbond Ultra roof sheeting and rainwater items that can cope with all types of weather, including the sun, meaning they will protect your home and keep it looking good all year round.

The safety of your home is one of our top priorities, which is why we put so much into the planning, design, materials and techniques we use throughout the entire building process. We want you to love your home not just for its looks and quality but also because it’ll protect you and your loved ones all year round.

If you’ve fallen in love with a challenging site, don’t let that stop you! Talk to us about how we can help make your lifestyle dream a reality. Get in touch with us, or why not take a 3D Virtual tour and find your new home.

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