Save with Manor Homes and passive cooling

Passive cooling means designing & building your home to work with the natural environment to keep it cooler in summer & warmer in winter.

When Manor creates homes, we are always mindful of producing them in the most environmentally friendly way. This means keeping things like passive cooling in mind when we design our homes. What is passive cooling? Essentially, it means designing and building your home to work with the natural environment in order to keep it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. In return, you don’t need to turn on your air conditioners and heaters as much, saving energy as well as money.

Save with Manor Homes and passive cooling

Here are a few of the key principles Manor uses when designing and constructing with passive cooling in mind:

Construction materials: In cooler climates, we often recommend darker colours and use heat storing materials such as concrete to absorb heat. In warmer climates, we recommend a light coloured roof to reflect the sunlight and direct heat away from the home. Heat will penetrate windows, even if double glazed but we can use windows tints and window coverings to help to limit this.

Insulation: The best quality insulation, in both your ceiling and walls, keeps the house cool by stopping the heat from getting in.

Maximising fresh air and breezes: Placement of doors and windows are key to harnessing breezes and using air movement to keep the home cooler.

Utilising shade: As the sun is higher in the summer, we can take advantage of this with shading and screening to allow less sun in during the warmer months. This could be by: using timber battens and eaves, adding blinds, working with the placement of external elements such as trees and selecting the best orientation and placement of the windows. Deciduous trees are great at providing shade from the direct sun during summer and allow the sun through in winter when bare.

Orientation: The orientation of your home will determine where the morning and afternoon sun hits your house. Manor can help you determine the best placement for your home in order to help keep your home at the ideal temperature.

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