Smarten up your home

Improve convenience and security in your home using smart features as part of a build or by adding them yourself.

The range of smart technology for your home is growing all the time. Improve convenience and security in your home using smart features as part of a build or by adding them yourself. When building think ahead – if you might want new elements in the future, you’ll need the necessary power and cables available. With that in mind, here are 3 ways to incorporate smart features:

Automatic lights and blinds:

Having lighting and blinds you can adjust automatically means you’ll have the right vibe at any time of day, as well as providing extra security by making it seem like someone is home when you’re away.

LED downlights are more efficient and cheaper to run, and there are a range of smart bulbs available that allow you to automate schedules to turn off, dim or brighten your lights. Customisable strip lighting, allowing you to choose colours and more are a great way to add some mood lighting to your home. Or let the sun in with Automatic shutters that can open automatically to let in the morning light and close when it gets dark.

Smarten up your home


Get sound anywhere in your home and choose where and when you hear your music.

Inbuilt speakers around the home allow you play music in whichever room they are installed in and can be managed from a central hub, wifi or your phone. If you need some extra volume, you can always get some portable smart speakers that can connect wirelessly to your system.


Secure your home and never feel like you’ve forgotten to lock the door again!
Electronic deadbolts allow you to set at timer, so you know your door is locked when you need it to be. For extra security you can also set up security cameras, either wired to your home or portable ones that you can set up yourself. Use your computer or phone to keep an eye on your home and make sure you’re covered all the time. For even more protection, Video doorbells mean you can see who’s at the door no matter where you are and some even allow you to talk to visitors through your mobile phone.

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