Things to consider when assessing your shortlist of builders

Find a company that really delivers & with these easy tips, it’s simple to find the perfect company for your lifestyle!
assessing your shortlist of builders

Choosing the right builder for your home is a tough process. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few great options, how do you pick the one that’s best for you? Take just a few minutes to learn more about each company ahead of time. Look for a few key points to find a company that really delivers. With these easy tips, it’s simple to find the perfect company for your lifestyle!

Pictures of great work

Start by looking at the company website. You’re searching for an outstanding track record, at least a decade of experience, and plenty of pictures and videos that show off great work. Excellent builders proudly display their recent projects and designs. Look for tech-savvy options like virtual tours to see the finished product. A stunning collection of great work shows the builder’s pride in their business and commitment to quality.

Years of experience

Look for a company with at least a decade of experience. Choose a builder with many years of successful business. Established builders avoid problems before they start. The very best companies have over 20 years in the industry. They wouldn’t stay in business without meeting each customer’s needs, so they’re sure to create the perfect home for your lifestyle!

Reviews and testimonials

Read reviews online. Top companies have testimonials or videos from satisfied customers on their website. If you have to look around to find reviews, consider another builder. Everyone wants an honest builder, and plenty of reviews show integrity and transparency. Look for reviews that highlight quality and great customer service.

Talk to the builder

Ask questions about your builder’s services. Choose a company with premium suppliers, ongoing customer support, and competitive standards. Ask a few simple questions to see if the company fits with your needs.

  • “What brands do you use?”
    A good builder wants the best workmanship every step of the way! Look for premium brands. They’ll last longer and create a beautiful home.
  • “What kind of customer support do you offer?”
    Great companies offer ongoing support through every step of your building journey. Choose a company that cares about customer service. Manor Homes provides support and customer care through the entire building process.
  • “What’s included in the quote?”
    Look for standard inclusions and a few add-on extras in your quote. You don’t want unexpected expenses to pop up later! Look for companies like Manor Homes with honest, transparent quotes.
  • “Will you tailor the design for my needs?”
    Great building companies adjust designs to suit your needs. Your home should match your life, not just someone else’s plan! Every customer benefits from Manor Homes’ flexible designs and optional extras. Get a home as unique as you with tailored designs.

Find your perfect match

If you find a company that fits your lifestyle, it’s time to start planning your home! Flexible home designs and optional extras create the perfect home for you. Manor Homes helps you build a home that highlights the best features of your land. Let us tailor a design to suit your needs.

With flexible home designs, plenty of optional extras, and careful planning, this top quality company is the perfect fit for your country home. They’ll even capitalize on energy efficiency and orient your home toward great views and stunning scenery. They have 20 years of home building experience and work hard to create transparency in their planning, quotes, and throughout the building process.

With great support, top-quality customer care, and premium brand partners, Manor Homes is the perfect solution for your country home. Check out our extensive portfolio and see real customer reviews to see if our homes are right for you!

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