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  • Pitched roof – Pitched roofs come in a variety of shapes and designs, adding an appearance and feel of extra space without increasing your environmental footprint.
  • Open living spaces – Opening up your living spaces creates a feeling of extensive spaciousness. A common open living space is the “great room,” which combines the kitchen, dining room, and living room into a single space, helping the home remain functional and feel quite large, without actually increasing the home’s footprint.
  • Retractable doors – Traditional hinged doors take up space, so adding retractable doors to your custom home makes it feel more spacious. Unlike hinged doors that swing and hang, retractable doors slide open and closed, making your home look and feel bigger without adding to the environmental footprint.
  • Wide hallways – Hallways that are wider than standard allow extra space for shelves, bookcases, or decorations without impeding on walking space. Leaving wide hallways completely open offers similar effects as open living spaces, making the home look and feel more spacious than homes with more standard sized hallways.
  • Expanded windows – Adding large windows to your floor plan increases the amount of natural light that enters your home. Lots of natural light makes a home look and feel very spacious without increasing the home’s environmental footprint.
  • Verandahs – A verandah is a covered, outdoor space, such as a covered front porch or patio. A verandah creates a feeling of spaciousness by adding usable floor space that remains protected from weather and the elements. Adding a verandah to your custom home creates a spacious feel without increasing the impact on the environment.

The Coastal SeriesCottage classic, designed to suit a coastal country lifestyle. Country-living is more than just a location, it’s a way of life. The Coastal Series allows you to enjoy everything you love about a country-style home and lifestyle, in a picturesque coastal environment. Epitomising everything there is to admire about a traditional country home, The Coastal Series features a cladded & weather board look with a modern-day twist. Enjoy the luxury of open-plan living areas, large bedrooms, high raked ceilings and wide-sweeping verandahs so you can enjoy the brisk sea breeze from the comfort of your own home.

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