Tips to selecting outdoor furniture

We have put together some key considerations when selecting the perfect outdoor furniture for your new home.
tips to selecting outdoor furniture

One of the benefits of building a home is that you are able to add features that can truly make a living experience comfortable and relaxing. Many people choose to include features such as a verandah or deck (or even both), to add extra entertaining space or to simply enjoy the great outdoors. We have put together some key considerations when selecting the perfect outdoor furniture for your new home.

Use and Function

Consider how you plan on using the outdoor space. You may want a full set of outdoor furniture including a lounge, table and chairs, however if you only really need one or two outdoor chairs to enjoy the sunrise, then it may be better use of money and space to only choose furniture that you need. On the other hand, some people have regular family and social gatherings and will require flexible seating options.

Durable and Easy Care

Outdoor furniture that is made of durable materials will last longer, especially in some of the harsher climates near coastal areas. No one wants to take their outdoor furniture in and out on a regular basis to prevent breakdown of its materials, so it is important to choose materials that are suited for the outdoor climate. Materials that hold up well outdoors include aluminium, furniture made from Teak, Keruing timber or Red Gum. Choosing outdoor fabrics is also crucial. All of these materials are fairly easy to clean and maintain. Furniture made from synthetic wicker also have easy care features, although they are best kept in covered outdoor areas to preserve their usability.

Style and Comfort

A key reason people want to be outdoors is to relax and feel comfortable and that typically means adding comfortable features such as cushions, stools and the ability to get in or out of the sun as necessary. As with all furniture, don’t be tempted by a particular style only for its attractiveness. Ensure you sit down, put your feet up, and try to envision yourself relaxing for a few hours. If doesn’t feel comfortable in the store, you probably won’t use it much at home either. The style selected is a personal choice. Some people like bright colours that really pop, like bright yellow, aqua or orange. Others may prefer more neutral colours such as grey, white, beige and black.

Taking these considerations into account before purchasing your outdoor furniture will help you choose outdoor furniture that is functional, long lasting and beautiful.

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