What to look for when buying land

When you are looking to buy land it is important to have a checklist to tick off and for you to be able to ask questions of your builder.

When you are looking to buy land it is important to have a checklist to tick off and for you to be able to ask questions of your builder. Manor Homes want to help you out by giving you the rundown on what you need to know.

What to look for when buying land

Availability of services: Some people will be happy to build off the grid but you may prefer to be connected to local services such as electricity, gas, water, sewerage and internet. It is important to be aware of what services are available to your property and if they are not, will it affect your decision to purchase?

Zones and other restrictions: New estates often have design guidelines that you have to adhere to such as type, size and the number of dwellings on a property. Council may also have restrictions on the height, style and finishes allowed on your home.

Easements: Easements, usually mains services, may affect where you can build on the property. This is important to know as you might not want to purchase the land if you cannot build where you would like.

Risk levels: It is also important to know the bushfire and flood risk levels of the property before purchase. Houses in bushfire prone areas will need to be built to certain standards which may cost more. You should also take the risks into consideration when designing your home, whether in a fire or flood prone area.

Orientation: The orientation and placement of a block may be more significant than you realise. Where the sun rises and falls on your property as well as the outlook should be taken into account when you design your home. Make the most of the light, warmth, shade and the views of your property.

Shape and slope: Whilst the shape and slope of a block may be an issue with conventional builds, our steel chassis and modular construction means we do not need to carve into a sloping site to pour a slab.

Accessibility: Unlike traditional builds, we are able to build on even the least accessible sites as the home is built offsite and can be craned in.

If you have any questions in regard to a property in terms of modular build, please contact Manor Homes for an appointment. We look forward to helping you build your dream home on your dream block.


Whilst some builders have set plans, we are more than happy to customise your home to help you realise your dream. No plan is finite. We are flexible, whether you choose to use your own plan or adapt one of our ready-made plans to suit your needs. In light of the pandemic and our need to work and study from home, this may also influence how you design your home. You may wish to incorporate more flexible living areas or build larger bedrooms to accommodate work and remote learning spaces. When you are rebuilding on the same property you also know the land well and can really optimise the space and its orientation to your benefit.


Undertaking a knockdown rebuild will also save you having to go through the process of selling your existing home and all the costs and potential trials that come along with it. No meetings with real estate agents, keeping the house tidy for open days and waiting for offers. You will also save yourself the cost of stamp duty if you undertake a knockdown rebuild. If anything, it will increase the value of your property.


By rebuilding your home you will no doubt boost the value of your property. If you chose to renovate your home instead, there would still be considerable maintenance required for the existing home. You can rebuild your home in a more timeless style to ensure a more profitable resale value. You can also invest in a more energy efficient home that can optimise the light and warmth of the sun. Reduce the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer and enjoy the savings it affords. The residence will also receive the full new home warranty, which covers you for 6 years for major defects.

Invest in your property and invest in a brighter future for your family. Rebuild the home of your dreams with Manor Homes and come home to a house that you never want to leave. Contact us today to organise an appointment and get started.

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