Why Australians are shifting to the country

Discover why Australians are moving rural & explore trends & insights. Manor sheds light on the allure of country living.

Big cities with their busy streets and lively social scenes were once a place where Australians dreamed of living. Lately though, urban dwellers are leaving the cities, seeking the quiet nights and solitude that our rural areas offer. The soaring costs and stress that come with city life are causing residents to look for homes in the country. Calm open spaces, close-knit communities, and plenty of fresh air is waiting outside the city limits.

why Australians are shifting to the country

Increased family connection

Whether you commute back to an urban area for work or find a career opportunity in the country, you’ll find that country living presents a greater opportunity for family togetherness. Without rush hour traffic, you’ll have eliminated hours spent behind the wheel of your car that you can spend with your loved ones. If you find yourself still commuting, you’ll also find that your days off are spent at a more leisurely pace with family and friends, like a never-ending country holiday.

A child’s life

Kids need room to roam and explore, and although life in the city allows children to learn independence by taking public transport or navigating a museum, the country gives children a different sense of freedom. Rural living teaches children how nature and humans can interact and gives kids an opportunity to care for the land and for animals that city life cannot provide. With less distraction and fewer people, children are encouraged to explore the world around them, use their imagination to play and run wild and free in the grass. The benefits of increased living space are infinite.

Community engagement

Small communities seem to have a deeper level of personal relationship. You’ll find smaller schools where children receive more one on one attention, where everyone is known by name. Small schools are invested in the towns in which they reside, giving residents a sense of community and school pride. Parents are more deeply involved in school functions as well. Outside the school system, neighbourhood businesses work more closely with one another, valuing cooperation over competition. This all creates a profound sense of community.

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