Why choose a Modular home for your knockdown rebuild?

Discover advantages of modular homes for your rebuild. Cost-efficient, rapid construction. Manor's solution for a smarter rebuild process.

What better time than now to knock down your home and rebuild? This year our priorities have become clearer and with all that time spent at home we are even more aware of the space we would like to be living in. If the future is likely to include similar pandemics and circumstances, why not ensure the home you are living in is as liveable and to your tastes as you like? If you choose to rebuild, there are many reasons to choose a modular home, including: saving yourself time and money, having a clear plan and price set in place, and boosting the value of your property.

modular home for your knockdown rebuild


When you build a modular home, you can start building well before you demolish your existing house. Unlike a traditional build, modular homes are constructed in a factory setting and then transported to the building site. No one wants to be taken out of their home any longer than they have to and this is an extra luxury that the modular build process affords its buyers.


Building a modular home also saves time in general: there is less time on site (6-8 weeks) out of the 12 weeks of build time. This is considerably less than the six months or more it can take for a conventional build. Life is busy enough as it is, so less interruptions to your routine, less time organising the storage of belongings and being displaced from your home, is most welcome. Your neighbours will also be thrilled with the reduced building time on site. There will be far fewer months of noise, traffic and dirt disturbing them than if you were building a conventional home or undertaking a renovation.


The shortened time, coupled with the extra time you save before the demolition, translates to savings in your bank account. You will save money on renting in the interim or (perhaps worth more than money) the awkwardness of living with friends or relatives for too long. Six to eight weeks in temporary accommodation is a short stint in comparison to the six to eight months you may have to wait when you engage a conventional builder. The modular build is a relief both for your budget as well as your sanity.


Speaking of sanity, a huge plus of building a modular home is that you know what you are getting and when you are getting it. The whole process, from the design to lock up, is clear, fixed and explained to you thoroughly before the contract is signed. The schedule is pre-planned so there are no nasty surprises. Even on land that other builders would consider challenging sites, such as a sloping property, the terms are the same. You know what you are in for from the start: this is something that is not usually heard of when building a home from scratch.


Whilst some builders have set plans, we are more than happy to customise your home to help you realise your dream. No plan is finite. We are flexible, whether you choose to use your own plan or adapt one of our ready-made plans to suit your needs. In light of the pandemic and our need to work and study from home, this may also influence how you design your home. You may wish to incorporate more flexible living areas or build larger bedrooms to accommodate work and remote learning spaces. When you are rebuilding on the same property you also know the land well and can really optimise the space and its orientation to your benefit.


Undertaking a knockdown rebuild will also save you having to go through the process of selling your existing home and all the costs and potential trials that come along with it. No meetings with real estate agents, keeping the house tidy for open days and waiting for offers. You will also save yourself the cost of stamp duty if you undertake a knockdown rebuild. If anything, it will increase the value of your property.


By rebuilding your home you will no doubt boost the value of your property. If you chose to renovate your home instead, there would still be considerable maintenance required for the existing home. You can rebuild your home in a more timeless style to ensure a more profitable resale value. You can also invest in a more energy efficient home that can optimise the light and warmth of the sun. Reduce the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer and enjoy the savings it affords. The residence will also receive the full new home warranty, which covers you for 6 years for major defects.

Invest in your property and invest in a brighter future for your family. Rebuild the home of your dreams with Manor Homes and come home to a house that you never want to leave. Contact us today to organise an appointment and get started.

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