Why is the dream to escape to the country

What is it about the country lifestyle that is so inviting, and why is now the best time to make the move?

What is it about the country lifestyle that is so inviting, and why is now the best time to make the move? As technology and infrastructure improves, the country offers a tremendous opportunity to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle without having to forego the perks of city living. Enjoy the close-knit community, generous space, health benefits and family friendly living. Here’s why now is the perfect time to escape to the countryside and how you can do it quickly and seamlessly with Manor Homes.

Sense of Community

Country towns are known for banding together in good times and bad. But is it as easy as slotting into a new town and taking advantage of this community camaraderie? Unfortunately, it is not that simple. You have to integrate and do your part to connect with others to make the most of this. Fortunately, country towns have various avenues through which you can join in on the fun. Whether through sports, via kindergarten and school networks, the CWA, Men’s Shed or Neighborhood House, there are plenty of ways to meet new people and make friends for life.

The beauty of living in a less populated area is that when you visit your local bakery, shops, parks and pubs regularly, you will begin to see familiar faces and your face will become familiar to others. In general, people are more relaxed and receptive in country towns. You will often get a friendly wave or smile when you walk down the street; there are plenty of opportunities to get to know people.


Undoubtedly, one of the biggest draw cards of living in the country is the availability of space. There are more opportunities to purchase a big backyard or even bushland or paddocks that you can use at your leisure. You can finally buy that horse, start that hobby farm, set up bike jumps for the kids, or dedicate time to a home grown garden. In addition, if you invest in a move to the country you should typically get more space for your money than if you bought in suburbia or the city.

A Healthy Mind and Body

Country living is also beneficial to your health and wellbeing. The air is fresher, the pace of life is slower, and there are more opportunities to exercise in the great outdoors. It can also be easier to discover those with shared interests in a small town because you are more likely to chat and get to know those in a close knit community. There is the security of knowing your neighbours and having a more supportive environment to help you out, should things go wrong.

The Country is great for families

The country is also beneficial for family life. There is more opportunity for increased family connection due to a more relaxed lifestyle. It is generally safer for children to play in their neighbourhood. Surveys show that they are inclined to play outside longer than their city counterparts. They may be more likely to ride or walk to school, have more room for pets or to get involved in maintaining a veggie patch. Read our article for more reasons on why kids benefit from a country lifestyle.

Why is now the time?

Now is an ideal time to move to the country for a variety of reasons. COVID-19 meant many of us had to work from home. We realised that if we are able to work from anywhere, why not from a place we have always dreamed of living, like the countryside? With the prospect of overseas holidays gone for the near future, for some, a home away from home is a smart and realistic idea. Split your time between the city and country/coast for the best of both worlds. If there are periods you can’t make it to your country/coastal home, it can be a great investment with the opportunity to rent it to holiday makers. Check out our article on How To Build The Ultimate Holiday Rental for more ideas on this. Head to our article on Features of a Great Holiday House for ideas of what to include in your home.

Infrastructure in regional areas continues to improve, with better coverage and connectivity of the phone and internet. These improvements saw more and more people working from home this year, many from remote regions of the state. Land prices remain affordable in regional areas but the demand is increasing and prices will only increase. It is important to get in early. There is also still a little time left to take advantage of HomeBuilder. For more information on how to Build Your Dream Home with the Homebuilder Grant, read our article on the subject.

Get started

Get started by choosing a location and a modular home that suits you. If you are thinking of starting afresh in New South Wales, we have investigated some ideal towns inland, in the Blue Mountains, Snowy Mountains and on the coast. For further details, read our blog on the subject. Why is modular the best choice? Manor Homes’ modular homes are primarily built in a factory setting which means they are more speedy, sustainable and affordable than traditional builds. You can be in your new home, enjoying the lifestyle well before this time next year! To read about this in more detail, head to our blog on the topic.

Are you thinking of making the move to the country? Contact Manor Homes to book an appointment. We look forward to assisting you on the journey to realise your dream home.

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