The Biggest Challenges Of Building A Home And How Manor Can Solve Them

With over 30 years of home-building experience delivering homes across NSW, we know the challenges you may encounter when building a home.

With over 30 years of home-building experience delivering homes across NSW, we know the most common challenges you may encounter when building a new home, and we know precisely how we can help to overcome them. Discover how partnering with Manor means you can sidestep many obstacles on your journey to your new home.

How long will builders be on site? I’m concerned about disturbances to my neighbours.

Building a modular home means that disturbances to your site are minimal. We construct your home up to 90% complete in our factory. The only things needed to be undertaken on your property are site inspections, preparing the steel piers for the foundations, delivery of the home, construction of any verandahs and other external works, and connecting the services. A modular home from Manor means much fewer on-site disturbances than a regular home build.

I’ve heard of materials being damaged or stolen on building sites. How can you avoid this?

Your home is constructed almost entirely in our secure factory. Materials and tools are secured every night, and as construction occurs in our controlled environment, materials are sheltered from the elements and adverse weather, which means that we know exactly how much of each material we need for your home, as we don’t have to worry about any damage caused by external factors.

What happens if the home plan needs to change during construction?

As we conduct a site inspection during our 7-Step Manor Process, there are no nasty surprises when constructing your home. When you’re happy with your floor plan and designs, they’re locked in before the build starts, so there will be no need to wait on changes or alterations like a traditional build might encounter, especially if you’ve already submitted your plans to a builder.

Are labour shortages going to affect my build time?

We’re lucky enough at Manor to have an entire team of fully qualified tradespeople. We’ve also built great relationships with suppliers and local trade businesses, and as we construct multiple homes at once, we always have trades available at each stage of the build to ensure your home is delivered on time.

Will the price of my build increase before completion?

While there’s a lot of instability in the construction industry at the moment, with Manor, we’re always up front and transparent about the the price of your build. We know that labour and material prices can change, but our factory-based construction and increased buying power allow us to make sure any changes are minimal – and we’ll always let you know if anything changes. We always strive to ensure your price is fixed from when you sign the building contract to when we hand over your keys.

challenges of building a home

If my home is built off-site, who will complete the site preparations?

Manor can also assist you with the steps needed to prepare your site for your new Manor home. We can take care of earthworks, connecting services and any other building-related service your site might need if required.

Will my build get delayed due to rain or adverse weather?

Our factory construction means that typical delays like weather are generally avoided. This allows us to deliver your home on time, generally 20 weeks in total, an exceedingly faster build time than a typically constructed home. While bad weather can delay traditional builds due to machinery, workers or tools not being able to access your site, we can continue building come rain, hail or shine!

If you build my home off-site, how will you factor in flood and bushfire risks?

We take the time to inspect your site thoroughly during the initial stages of your build journey. We’ll address risks and create a design solution considering Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) ratings, flood issues, slopes, and other constraints. Using this information, we create a design that is tailor-made for your property and your lifestyle.

I don’t know where to start with seeking approval from my local council for a new home.

Manor will take care of the entire council approval process. We know this can be stressful, and we have a fully qualified Planning Manager who deals with local councils every day and is ready to ensure your plans are approved in a speedy manner. It’s no secret that the council process can be tricky to navigate and time consuming, and we’ll do all we can to make sure you get your permits and permissions as quickly as possible.

I like one of your designs but need to make some changes to the layout.

All of our designs can be tailored to suit your ideal lifestyle vision. We’ll work with you to ensure whatever alterations you need are structurally sound and ready for living. While we design all our homes to be comfortable, practical and stylish we understand that everyone has different needs, so just let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll help come up with a solution for you.

My site is on a steep slope/ difficult location; how will machinery get in and out?

As your home is built in our factory with our specialist equipment, minimal equipment is needed to access your site until your home modules are delivered and the final touches are made to complete your new home. We also make sure we’ve planned around and worked through any issues that might pop up, such as power lines or narrow access roads to make sure we can deliver your home to you.

What happens if there’s a defect in our build?

Our construction method means that your home is built to exacting standards with greater accuracy than a traditional build. We’re proud to offer a defect-free finish with a six-year major defects warranty for your peace of mind. We also have a comprehensive minor defects warranty to ensure we have delivered your lifestyle vision precisely as planned.

If you have any more questions about building with us or want to have a chat to see how we can get started building your new home, talk to the team today.

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