Building on a sloping site

Manor modular builds are perfect for sloping & difficult sites. Our construction process negates the biggest issue of all, accessibility.
Building on a sloping site

Often sites in a great location or with spectacular views come with added challenges. Don’t let that put you off though. It doesn’t need to be difficult! In fact, Manor Homes’ modular builds are perfect for sloping and difficult sites. Our unique construction process negates the biggest issue of all, accessibility.

All of our modular homes are built in a factory and on a custom built steel chassis. A traditional builder would need to navigate a difficult site daily, which presents a variety of problems, including: increased safety issues for staff; complications maneuvering build materials and equipment; and troubles undertaking the building process. In contrast, the majority of a Manor Homes modular build happens in our purpose built facility. The building of the home is the same as any other in the factory setting.

Knockdown Rebuild

The other major difference between a conventional and modular build occurs when the house needs to be moved to the site. Extensive cut and fill earthworks are not required. We simply prepare your site with engineered piers, ready for the home to be craned in and installed before the finishing touches are applied. A traditional build already takes longer than a modular home, and this can be exacerbated with a difficult or sloping site. The Manor factory build takes as little as 12 weeks to complete. It is an easy decision.

Manor Homes has extensive experience in building on problematic sites. This is another reason to choose a modular build; you know that we are equipped to deliver a high quality home. Have both a liveable home, as well as the assurance of the return on your investment, if you should choose to sell your property in the future.

Before you deem your dream build too difficult, get in touch with us. We will assist you on the journey to your perfect home, no matter the obstacles involved.

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