Can’t find land? What next?

People looking ideal lifestyle property, vacant land is harder to come by. Can’t find land in your preferred area, there are other options.
What next if you can't find land

With more and more people looking for their ideal lifestyle property, vacant land is getting harder to come by. If you can’t find land in your preferred area, there are other options. For example, you could purchase an existing dwelling, then knockdown and rebuild; or build a semi-detached extension. In both of these situations a modular build is ideal and brings a host of benefits.

Knockdown and rebuild

Whilst knocking down and rebuilding a house might sound like an overwhelming process, Manor Homes can provide you with a full service. From demolition to handover, we can assist you in creating your dream home. Choose a location you love and go from there. Don’t live in a home that is old or rife with problems. Don’t waste your time and energy attempting to fix room after room, which could take years and cost an exorbitant amount of money. Knock down the existing house and build your perfect home within 6 months with a modular build.

Build a large, semi-detached extension

Adding a ready-made extension to an existing dwelling is the alternative to a knockdown rebuild. For example, you could attach a new ‘wing’ to your home. Continue to live an uninterrupted life in your original dwelling, whilst your extension is built off site and later delivered to your property. You don’t have to live amidst construction materials, equipment and noise. Have the benefit of a beautiful extension without all the usual disturbances and anxiety.

Why choose modular?

A factory built home: saves time and money; is of a high quality; is environmentally friendly; is easily customizable; and has minimal site time and disruption.


One of the main benefits of building a prefabricated home is that it can be built in the fraction of the time of a traditional build. This is because a modular home is primarily built in a factory setting. The modular building process is particularly beneficial when undertaking a knockdown/rebuild because you can demolish the house at the same time that the house is being built. You will move into your brand new home more quickly with a factory build.

Fixed cost and no surprises

With a modular home you know exactly what you are getting. Due to the factory build and fixed time to complete it, Manor Homes can offer a fixed cost. Unlike a traditional build, where costs may arise as the build progresses, a prefabricated build has all the costs organised beforehand, so there are no hidden surprises. At a time where house and land prices are on the rise and many are on a strict budget, a fixed cost brings peace of mind for home buyers.

High quality

We pride ourselves on using high quality materials but the fact that our homes are built in a factory setting ensures greater quality control too. Inclement weather conditions, pollution, and other outdoor issues will not affect the quality of your home. Whilst a traditional build may have to withstand rain, heat, humidity and frosts across the period of the build, the factory built home is safe in a controlled environment.

Environmentally friendly

Because modular homes are built in a factory environment, it means that the build is more sustainable. Any cutoffs can be repurposed in other homes, which saves materials and keeps costs down. Building in the factory also means less disruption to the natural environment at the property site.


People may assume that a modular built home is more simple and would have less design options than a traditionally built home. However, that is not the case. Manor Homes has four signature styles including: Classic Country, Hamptons, Contemporary and Coastal, and a wide variety of plans to choose from. And if you can’t find a plan that suits your wants and needs, we can customise any design.

Minimal site time and disruption

A factory build not only saves time through the building process but most importantly, the build is not taking place on site so there are minimal disruptions on the property. This is a game changer if you are still living in the existing dwelling. You can reside in the primary residence if you are adding on an extension and will not be disrupted by the noise of the build. Likewise, with a knockdown/rebuild, you can stay in the original dwelling much longer than if you were undertaking a traditionally built home. The short build time of 12 weeks also means less rent to pay while your house is built, or less time putting out relatives, if you are staying with them.

Don’t waste any more time looking for the perfect house or piece of vacant land. Take matters into your own hands and undertake a knockdown/full or partial rebuild and be living in the house of your dreams in a matter of months. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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