Choosing The Right Floor Plan For Your Lifestyle Vision

Building a new home with Manor Homes means choosing the ideal floor plan to suit you and your lifestyle vision.

How often have you looked around your current home and thought, “Wow, I wish we had a door to the backyard here” or “This wall is really in the way of the natural traffic flow”? Building a new home with Manor Homes means choosing the ideal floor plan to suit you and your lifestyle vision. All of the home designs offered at Manor Homes are thoughtfully designed by our team, meaning you can bring your vision, and we will bring our expertise to create your new home built for living. We have over 50 home designs to choose from that all offer something different. Read below to see the best of our most popular floor plans, what to keep in mind when working with us to choose your own floor plan and how Manor considers your property and views to optimise the best orientation of your new home.

The Best Features Of Our Most Popular Floor Plans


Not everyone’s favourite room in the house, but for a room with essential functions, the design of a properly arranged laundry is critical. Most of Manor’s laundries, where possible, feature a separate rear entrance. The second entrance makes washing and drying a breeze as you can easily move laundry out to dry. An added benefit of the second laundry entrance is the ability to use the room as a mudroom. Dirty shoes and kids’ school bags can all find a home in the laundry without cluttering up the home’s main entrance.

Right Floor Plan For Your Lifestyle Vision

Open Plan Kitchen

A popular layout in recent years has been making the kitchen the true heart of the home by combining the area with open plan living and dining areas. Great for everyday life and entertaining, an open plan kitchen and living area makes for an efficient use of space. An open plan kitchen also means you’re not tucked away from your guests when preparing food and entertaining. Our floor plans take this into account and offer you a range of kitchen styles to suit your needs

Zoned Living

The bedrooms and living areas are situated in separate zones for larger homes in the Manor collection. Dividing these areas is ideal for entertaining and everyday life, which means less noise from living areas travels to the home’s private quarters. Additionally, heating and cooling the house is more efficient if you only occupy one zone at a time, i.e., no need to heat the bedrooms until late evening when they are in use.

What To Keep In Mind For Your Floor Plan

The team at Manor will work with you to understand your ideal lifestyle and provide a floor plan solution to match. Some important things we recommend all new clients keep in mind include the following:

Future Proofing

Are you planning on a family or extending your current family? Make sure you choose a floor plan that allows for either enough bedrooms or the addition of more bedrooms at a later stage.

Daily Life

Does your family live for time spent outdoors? Ensure your home’s living areas connect to your preferred outdoor space. If you are selecting a home design with a decking, ensure it will be large enough for all your intended uses.

Bedroom Placement

While some floor plans feature a separate wing for the main bedroom away from the other bedrooms, some clients want all their bedrooms to be closer together for peace of mind. Are you planning on adding the pitter-patter of tiny feet? It might be worth making sure a secondary bedroom borders the main bedroom.

How Manor Considers Your Property and Views To Optimise The Orientation Of Your New Home

At step 3 of The Manor Process, the Design Solution, we use our research on your site and your property to suggest the optimal placement for your new home. Taking into account the natural sight lines of your property, we provide a floor plan option that will maximise the amount of natural sunlight your home receives in winter while reducing the amount it receives in summer. Ideally, the floor plan should orient the living areas northward to take full advantage of the passive heating and cooling that your home can provide.

Find the floor plan for you with Manor

With our fantastic range of floor plans, you’re sure to find a design and layout that suits you and your lifestyle – you can take a look at all our designs over on our Home Designs Page.

If you have questions about what Manor can offer you and your property, talk to one of the team today on help choosing the right floor plan for you.

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