Unlock The Potential Of Your Entry: 5 Essential Tips

Enhance your entryway with Manor's design tips & create an inviting first impression. Manor helps you elevate your home's entrance.

Whether you enter your home via a portico into a separate entry room or through the front door straight into a main hallway, every home has some form of entry and it’s generally the first chance you get to make an impression on the inside of your home. Below are some of our favourite design tips we’ve gathered in our 30 years of home building to make your entry practical, inviting and impress your guests.

1: Key Bowl

Never again be looking for your keys in a hurry. A proper home for your keys and small items is an essential addition to your entry. A key bowl is also a great spot to keep any house keys you might need for the home, including window or screen door keys.

2: Hanging Mirror

Mirrors are a must for many rooms in the house, and the entry is definitely one of them. Highlight your design aesthetic with a mirror that suits your style and for practical reasons, it’s a great spot to do a last-minute check before leaving the house.

3: Hallway Cabinet

For those items that are a tad too big for the key bowl (and for a nice place for the key bowl to rest) you should consider adding a table or cabinet in your entry. We recommend a furniture piece with drawers so you have a few places to hide items you might often need that won’t fit in your key bowl ( dog leash, sunscreen spare keys etc)

4: Lamp

A small lamp to complement the mirror is an excellent way of adding soft light, especially for late night or early mornings when the overhead lighting might be too much.
TIP: Buy a self-timer for your lamp so you can automatically turn it on before you get up in the morning and switch it off after you’ve gone to bed.

Unlock The Potential Of Your Entry

5: Shoe Basket

Whether you’re a “shoes off” or “shoes on” house, we all know that the front door is where shoes seem to multiply. Add a large wicker basket so your shoes have a place to live that looks neat and tidy.
TIP: double up on the baskets so school bags also have a handy place to live

At Manor Homes, we work with you to ensure your new home has everything you need to suit your lifestyle. We can work with you to create storage options that fit, such as built-in robes, custom storage solutions for the laundry and kitchen, and storage in your entry or a separate mud room/ boot room.
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