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Experience the Manor difference by choosing a team of trusted advisors and experts in all things modular construction.

Building a new home can be a stressful process. There are multiple moving parts, and try as they might, some traditional builders are not known for their communication and ability to keep clients updated. If you are considering building a new home, we invite you to experience the Manor difference.
When you choose Manor Homes, you are choosing a team of trusted advisors and experts in all things modular construction. Manor has a proven process for keeping you updated and informed at every step of your home-building journey.
Read below for more information on the building journey and the reasons you should choose Manor as your home-building partner.


Manor has been building homes in NSW for over 30 years. In that time, we have tested and perfected the modular home-building process. Our factory-based construction method enables us to keep costs down while delivering your new home in a fast timeframe.
At Manor, building you a home that suits your lifestyle vision is our number 1 goal. And you can be sure that after 30 years, our team has built up a wealth of knowledge to advise you on the best design and planning options for your home.


We know you’ve got questions, and we have the answers. For customers still researching modular homes and Manor Homes, we strongly recommend you read our FAQ page. The page is an excellent resource for all preliminary questions about modular homes and what you can expect from the building process.


An essential element of our 7-Step Manor Process is communication. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that you know exactly what stage your new home is up to and what to expect from the next construction phase. From the beginning of the process, where we gather the right information to deliver you the right design solution, to the final handover, where we give you your keys, Manor is committed to partnering with our clients and keeping them up-to-date and informed. You can be assured that you will know exactly what stage your home is at and what you can expect next, with no nasty surprises.

Design/ Layout

As all of our home designs are customisable, our clients can choose any alteration to their home design and layout, and we will advise the best option tailored to their lifestyle.
To build your ideal home, we know that it involves a lot more than just floorplans and rooms. When you partner with Manor Homes, we take the time to combine our expert knowledge with the insights we gather from you in our Discovery Meeting.
We take the time to ask and answer your questions to offer you the right design solution.
“How big should my laundry be for a growing family?”, “How many windows do I need to maximise natural light?”, “Where should we add a deck or verandah for the best alfresco area?”.
Our team knows from our 30 years of operation the essential questions to ask and information to share with new home builders.
We also work with you to advise the best place to place your home on your property. We consider the natural sightlines of your property and the amount of sunlight your home will receive year-round to improve energy efficiency and maximise the natural light you receive.

Council Approvals

The council approval process can often feel quite complex, and each local council has their own set of rules and regulations. At Manor Homes, we make it part of our standard service to manage this process for you. After we have created a Design Solution, we conduct a site inspection on your property and prepare a complete set of drawings for your new home. At this stage, we also obtain the numerous reports required by local councils to get your home plans approved and ready for construction.

Experience the Manor difference

Getting Your Site Ready

Once you have decided on your design choice and the team at Manor has helped you with the approval process, construction on your new home can begin in our factory facility. While this process is underway, Manor Homes assist you in getting your site ready to deliver your new home.
We can assist with earthworks, connecting services and additional building-related services before installing the engineer-designed steel pier footing system, which will support your new home.


The day you’ve been dreaming of has finally arrived. Your Manor home has been built up to 90% completion in our factory before being transported to your site for installation and final touches. Delivery of your Manor home is included in your home build price within our delivery zone (200 km radius around our Lisarow display centre). However, handover is not where our relationship ends. After move-in, we like to meet with clients for feedback about the experience of building with Manor Homes and outline our six-year major defects warranty for added peace of mind.

If you have any questions about modular homes or the process of partnering with Manor Homes, please get in touch today for an obligation-free chat with one of our consultants.

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