Four excellent upgrades to add to your home

There are some things in particular that can make a world of difference in your home when you choose to upgrade them.
Four excellent upgrades to add to your home

When you decide that you would like to build your own home, you open up the doors of opportunity to really personalise this home and make it your own. Most builders have standard items and features that come in their homes, but you are given the option to upgrade almost all of these things. There are some things in particular that can make a world of difference in your home when you choose to upgrade them.

This article will discuss some of these updates and why they can make such a big difference.

High Pitch Ceilings

Instead of going with the traditional nine to ten feet ceilings in your home, you should consider upgrading to the high pitch ceilings. High pitch ceilings pitch up at the sides and meet in the middle, creating a much higher ceiling. This helps to make any space look much bigger and more open. Your living room and/or kitchen area are great rooms to consider upgrading to have high pitch ceilings because they are a main area of your home where you and your family will spend most of your time. It also gives you the opportunity to add in some beautiful hanging light fixtures because of the added feet from ceiling to floor.

French Doors

If the regular backdoor option for your home is a sliding glass door, then upgrading to french doors is definitely worth the money. French doors add a level of class and safety that a sliding glass door can’t compete with. The wood frame of a french door is much stronger than glass, and it also creates more privacy. In terms of cleaning, the small window on french door is much easier to shine than a door that is made entirely from glass. And, because both of the french doors can be open at the same time, you still have a large opening to the outside.

More Open Living Space

If you have the opportunity to remove some of the walls in your home, or even extend some areas to make them larger, this is a great way to open up your home and make it flow better and feel more functional. For example, if the kitchen and living area are traditionally split up by a wall, then you should upgrade to have this wall removed and create a completely open floor plan. If you also have the high pitch ceilings, this will create a very large space for living and entertaining. You could also consider widening your halls to make them feel more open as well.

Large Windows

When you purchase your home, the last thing that you want are small windows in your rooms. This stops a lot of the natural light from coming in, and makes the spaces look dark and unwelcoming. In order to compensate for this lack of natural light, you may have to turn on all of your indoor lights, which can increase your electric bill a great deal. A great solution to this issue is to upgrade to larger windows throughout your home. These large windows are perfect for letting the natural light into your home and they are great at creating airflow when they are open. On top of this, large windows also look elegant and timeless, which is something that most people want in a home.

Building a home is a fun and exciting experience, but being able to customise it and make it completely your own makes it even better. By upgrading your ceilings, doors, open living space, and your windows, you can feel confident that your home will be perfect.

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