How well-designed and comfortable is a Manor home?

If you’ve never stepped inside a Manor home, you might wonder how well-designed and comfortable it is. Let us surprise you by explaining how well we design our homes.

How well-designed and comfortable is a Manor home?

We still find that there are some people who have misconceptions about modular homes that are built in a factory instead of onsite. These people believe that modular homes are built cheaply and so they won’t be as comfortable, strong or last as long as traditionally built homes.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

So why do people still have these misconceptions about modular homes? It’s crazy – we’re well into the 21st century and there’s so much advancement in technology, yet there are still outdated views on what constitutes a modular home.

To start with, many believe that modular homes can’t be built as strong as those built on site. There’s also a misconception that large homes can’t be transported successfully and that there’s simply not enough space in a factory to build a nice spacious home.

But we’re here to dispel those myths and let you in on how well a modular home is actually built and how well-designed, comfortable and spacious these homes are.

Quality is a driving factor in the construction of a Manor home.

At Manor homes, we take the quality of our homes very seriously. After all, we’ve been in the business of designing and constructing modular homes for well over 30 years, so we’ve learnt a thing or two along the way!

In fact, we believe that our homes are on par with anything that is built on site and often, even better. And there are plenty of happy customers that can attest to this, year after year after year.

You see, when we build our homes from the ground up in the factory, we’re not reliant on weather conditions or any other limitations that onsite builders face. We have our own tradespeople who work tirelessly, day in and day out, to complete the homes under construction.

This means that we don’t have to rely on outside sub-contractors who might not turn up on time or even at all. And our team take their tasks seriously and take great pride in building homes to precision that they would be happy to live in themselves.

Not only do we have total control over the actual build, but we also pride ourselves in using only top-quality materials. This is why we have so many happy customers who are always raving to their family and friends about what we do.

What makes a Manor home so comfortable?

The reason that a Manor home is so comfortable is because we don’t skimp on anything. For example, we use quality steel frames that are perfectly straight, strong and termite-proof. This results in perfectly flat floors and straight walls that will never warp or flex.

Being energy-conscious, we also ensure that we use excellent insulation in walls and ceiling to provide good temperature control within the home once it’s occupied. And depending on where you’re located and what your local climate is, you might want to take up the option of putting insulation in the floor as well – it’s your choice. On top of that, we use energy-efficient LED lighting to help keep your electricity bills as low as possible.

And we ensure that our interiors are spacious and well laid out to maximise every single corner of the home so that there’s no wasted space anywhere. Plus we make sure that there’s plenty of storage including robes in the bedrooms, plenty of cupboards in the kitchen and laundry as well as linen cupboards.

Our homes also come with plenty of external options such as verandahs with handrails, carports and garages. In fact, you get to choose how you want your home to look, and we can make your vision a reality.

Other benefits of modular homes you might not be aware of.

Now that you understand that a modular home is just as comfortable and usually even better built than a traditional home built on site, there are some other advantages to choosing modular.

One of the standout advantages is that a modular home is suitable to be placed on almost every type of site imaginable. That’s why our homes are really popular with people who have chosen to buy a property in a more regional or remote location.

Some sites are simply too difficult to build on in a conventional sense. The sites may be particularly steep with no flat land suitable for a traditional build or the site may have particularly poor soil.

But a modular home can be adapted to such sites quite easily so that it blends in with the landscape.

You might actually be surprised at how site access challenges can be overcome with a little ingenuity. This means that for particularly difficult sites, a Modular Home is sometimes the only feasible solution.

Plus if you’re in a regional area, you might find it difficult to find a builder and available tradespeople who can build a home on your site. Or you might have to wait a substantial amount of time for the home to be finished.

That’s why so many of our customers have chosen the convenience of having a modular home built and transported to their site in much less time than it would take to have a home built onsite.

Comparing a modular home to a home built onsite is a bit like comparing apples to apples.

That’s right – there’s really not much difference when it comes to comfort and quality between a modular home built in a factory and a conventional home built onsite. It’s not like comparing apples to oranges. It really is like comparing apples to apples! In other words, the differences are so subtle that they don’t really stand out at all.

It really just comes down to your own personal taste. Take the example of apple varieties – are you fond of granny smith apples or do you prefer pink lady varieties? Or have you always eaten red delicious apples without ever trying some of the many other types?

This brings us to the point that many of our customers think that a Manor home is superior to homes that they’ve seen built in the conventional way. While we think that they may just be a little biased, we can’t help but agree!

And who can blame them? They’ve made a great choice and are happy with their decision to invest in a comfortable, well-designed and quality home for their family to enjoy.

Want to see exactly what we’re talking about? Why not take the time and come and visit one of our display homes. We’ll be happy to give you a guided tour and show you just how comfortable a Manor home is.

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